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Marjukka has a long and diverse translation experience in fashion business. She began her career after Master's degree in translation (1999) as in-house translator at Lindex fashion company and after 5 years continued as a freelance translator with companies like H&M, ELLE and KappAhl. Marjukka is known best for her talent in creative translation and therefore often used in marketing types of texts. She has also Master's degree in Economics (2009).



Language Projects

  • English (US) to Finnish1
  • Swedish to Finnish1

Summary of Language Experience

English (US) to Finnish

Marjukka has lived a year in Middle East from age 5 to 13 because her father worked at UN. There she has used English as language outside of home. She has studied English for 10 years in elementary school and high school. She has also traveled a lot and translated from English to Finnish since year 1998.

Swedish to Finnish

Marjukka has relatives in Sweden and therefore she has visited the neighborland several times. Swedish translation became as a natural choice in University and she get even a scholarship for one term in Gothenburg’s University. Marjukka is a true fan of Sweden, with no envy she thinks that Swedes do everything always a bit better than we Finns.

Industry Projects

  • Fashion500+
  • Beauty500+
  • Travel20+
  • Food10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Marjukka has worked as an in-house translator for Lindex 4,5 years and after that as a freelancer for KappAhl, Esprit and H&M. She has over 16 years' experience with fashion translation.


Marjukka has translated over 16 years cosmetic and beauty related texts for fashion companies. Unfortunately she can't give a sample because she has done the work as a freelancer for an agency.


Marjukka is an entusiastic traveller whos takes 2-4 trips per year over the world so she knows how to "speek" to travellers. She has translated for Travel Agency TUI and STS Kielimatkat. This is a sample of Piece of Uganda Safaris' web page.


Marjukka has translated some cookbooklets but has done that work as a freelance translator for an agency so unfortunately she can't give a sample. She is a enthusiastic home cook and loves to make dinner for her family so she she knows what to except of a good cookbook or recipe.

Product Projects

  • Advertisement100+
  • Press Release100+
  • Presentation100+
  • Catalog50+
  • Web Page50+

Summary of Product Experience


Marjukka has done over 200 ads for companies like Procter & Gamble, Lindex, H&M etc. but unfortunately she can't give a sample because she has done the work as a freelance translator for a agency.

Press Release

Marjukka has translated over 100 press releases for fashion companies (Esprit, H&M, Lindex, KappAhl) and is used to translate in creative way addressed to press and media personal.


Marjukka has translated over hundred of presentations for intern use for companies like H&M, Lindex and KappAhl. Material is only for intern use so unfortunately she can't give a sample of those.


Marjukka has translated several catalogs for IKEA, H&M and Lindex but unfortunately can not give a sample because she has done those as a freelance translator for an agency.

Web Page

Marjukka has translated web pages or part of them for several companies (e.g. Lindex) and as a freelance translator for translation agency. This is a sample of direct assignment.

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