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Maria is a professional translator since 2008. She attended a German School, after which she graduated in Artistic Studies and then completed her master’s degree in Translation with a thesis on Malcolm Lowry.
She has worked as an in-house translator/proof-reader at a translation agency before realizing that she needed time and space to explore other subjects that naturally appealed to her. She has therefore invested in two simultaneous specialty fields: EU-politics on the one hand (which actually covers a wide range of fields), and arts&culture on the other hand.



Language Projects

  • English (UK) to Portuguese (EU)1,000+
  • German to Portuguese (EU)1,000+

Summary of Language Experience

English (UK) to Portuguese (EU)

English translations account for a very large part of her work. The language has been part of her education from school to her master’s degree, including Cambridge School and British Council. Despite it being part of her work, much of her contact with the English language also has to do with personal interests (reading, for example).

German to Portuguese (EU)

Maria grew up in a German School, from Kindergarten to Secondary School. She then continued to study German culture and literature at the University of Lisbon (bachelor and master). She has been translating from German since 2008.

Industry Projects

  • Politics1,000+
  • Marketing20+
  • Publishing6

Summary of Industry Experience


Maria has been translating and proof-reading for the European Commission service DG-Enterprise (now DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs) since 2010. Given its wide scope, subject matters range from Agriculture to Tourism.


Maria has translated a number of advertising materials in many different fields: business, tourism, products, etc. This kind of translation requires a great deal of adaptation and can therefore be very creative.


Maria feels comfortable with the publishing sector. She has translated a few books in the fields of philosophy, sociology, psychology and history. In 2002 she was an intern at a publishing house.

Product Projects

  • Book6

Summary of Product Experience


Maria has translated a few books (EN; FR; DE > PT), mainly in the fields of social sciences (philosophy, psychology, antropology).
She feels comfortable with the publishing sector.
She also has a strong interest in literaty translation, although she tends to do it on a non-professional basis. Besides devoting her master's thesis to translating Malcolm Lowry's short stories, she got to collaborate with Maria Teresa Dias Furtado (University of Lisbon) in translating the letters between Hölderlin and Susette Gontard.

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