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After receiving her 5 year Degree in Translation from the Catholic University in 2002, Susana started working as a full time freelance translator.​ She provides English, German and Spanish into Portuguese translations. Susana has worked for many companies and has translated over 40,000 pages over the last ten years. She is also a Spanish and English teacher.



Language Projects

  • English (US) to Portuguese (EU)10+

Summary of Language Experience

English (US) to Portuguese (EU)

Susana has been translating from English/German into Portuguese for the past 10 years. She works with proofreaders ensuring that all translations are accurate, and of the highest quality for the satisfaction of her clients. She also translates from Spanish into Portuguese as she also has a Spanish Degree and lived in Salamanca, Spain for three years.

Industry Projects

  • Music50+

Summary of Industry Experience


Susana has been working with a music label for the past 5 years. There she translates video clips, websites and press releases.

Product Projects

  • Other500+

Summary of Product Experience


Susana has translated over 500 business and legal documents such as warranties and birth certificates.

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