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After 9 years working as Mechanical Engineer, Ana Cristina started as Technical Translation working for major companies in Brazil dedicating full time to this new challenging profession, combining 5 years of experience living in USA with technical skills achieved from on-site jobs as engineer, therefore providing translation services with full knowledge of its content.


Industry Projects

  • Construction100+
  • Insurance20+
  • Transportation100+
  • Legal100+
  • Finance20+

Summary of Industry Experience


The major field of expertise of Ana Cristina became construction engineering since she worked in the top projects in Brazil for the past 20 years for major Construction Companies in several areas of engineering including: transportation, power plants, oil and gas, pipelines, steel mills, etc.


Once Ana Cristina worked in several infrastructure development projects, insurance was always part of the documents. Refurbishment works also demanded insurance documents in countless works developed in the past 20 years.


Ana Cristina's first translation work in 1996 involved the documents for the first highway privatization in Brazil, and after this has translated for several transportation projects including, roads, railroads, airports, subways, etc. One of Ana Cristina's major and most important works was the implementation of subway line 4 in São Paulo, job involving many companies bidding for the project.


Ana Cristina has translated several contracts along 20 years of works from basic service provision to complex contracts for the provision of turnkey projects and oil&gas platforms involving parties from different parts of the world.


Ana Cristina has translated several balance sheets and statements of many companies applying for bidding processes in Brazil and abroad.

Product Projects

  • Product Description20+
  • Catalog20+
  • Presentation50+

Summary of Product Experience

Product Description

Ana Cristina has translated over 30 different types of product description for several equipment types, such as Safety Equipment, Hoisting Equipment, Electronic Equipment, Furnace Refurbishment


Ana Cristina translated catalogs for several products in the engineering area including instruments for several types of measurements, wind power generators, hydroelectric turbines, rigging equipment, etc.


Ana Cristina has translated more than 50 presentations of projects performed by several companies with the purpose of achieving new clients and presenting portfolio in many bidding processes.