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Laura has been a professional translator for thirty years. In such a long time, she learned how important accuracy and fluency are in any written document. She also acquired security and maturity to search and even ask before writing down nonsenses. After all, we all want the reading of our production to be an agreeable and profitable experience.


Industry Projects

  • Agriculture1,000+
  • Government1,000+
  • Entertainment500+
  • Legal1,000+
  • Politics1,000+

Summary of Industry Experience


For many years, about 80% of Laura's output as a translator was in relation with agriculture. Reports, laws, directives, all kinds of technical and political documents on agriculture, animal husbandry and fisheries.


Working for a supranational organization for twenty years, politics was the name of the game.


Tired of complaining about the poor quality of Portuguese subtitles, two years ago Laura decided to act and took a new challenge: she added subtitling to her skills. She's loving it!


When she started translated, she saw herself surrounded by juridical documents and sets of rules applicable to juridical texts. She knew nothing about it. She panicked. And then she worked. Hard. Very hard. Now, still with no juridical background, she's flattered when clients assume, from her work, she has one.


Having worked as a translator for 20 years in a supranational institution, how could Laura not feel at home at politics? Carefully choose and weight each word, make sure the translation reflects the exact tone of the debate, knowing that there's a balance that must absolutely be kept... delicious!

Product Projects

  • Annual Report10+
  • Brochure50+
  • Direct Mail500+
  • Newsletter Content100+
  • Press Release500+
  • White Paper50+
  • Script/Video100+
  • Speech50+

Summary of Product Experience

Annual Report

While working for the EU, Laura translated dozens of annual reports, from committees, commissions, etc.


While working for the EU, Laura translated many brochure intended to the large public.

Direct Mail

Laura has translated hundreds of letters and emails.

Newsletter Content

Laura has translated many monthly newsletters for organizations and services.

Press Release

Laura has translated hundreds of press releases from the EU.

White Paper

Laura has translated many white papers about different policy projects.


Laura has translated series, cartoons, mexican soaps and a few films.


Laura translates speeches when asked to, although it's not her favorite line of work.