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Kamilla has been a translator since 2008, she is a Oil & Gas Industry Professional, working with International Drilling Contractors operating in Brazil. She works off-shore as a Radio Operator and Rig Clerk for International Drilling Companies on board Drilling Rigs and Ships and translates all sort of documents. Being an interpreter at the daily management meetings and weekly safety meetings, was part of her job description and daily routine. Kamilla was "the voice" of the Rig/Ship, making all the operational and emergency announcements, always in Portuguese and English. Later working as a Storekeeper and Materials Coordinator, she had to learn all parts and equipments names and function, translate equipment manuals and technical documents.

Kamilla is a professional translator, specialized in corporate communication, drilling equipments and parts, petroleum, radio and telecom, logistics, maritime.


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Kamilla has been translating for the Oil & Gas Industry since 2008. To translate equipment manuals, corporate manuals, work instructions, emails, work contracts, etc, was part of her daily tasks and routine.

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Kamilla has been working on a personal project - translating her own web site.