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Pedro has worked as a Communication and Translation Assistant (as a volunteer) at the Sain John of God Foundation - Portugal before he took the CIOL's Diploma in Translation (with the Grade "Merit" in the Science area). From then on, Pedro has been working as a freelance translator.



Language Projects

  • English (UK) to Portuguese (EU)10+

Summary of Language Experience

English (UK) to Portuguese (EU)

Pedro has experience in the translation and proofreading of Certificates, IRS forms, Criminal Record and Birth Certificate, Insurance Group Announcement, legal documents, Musical Instruments Accessories Package Instructions, real estate related glossary, among other projects for private clients and for translation Agencies.

Industry Projects

  • Real Estate2

Summary of Industry Experience

Real Estate

Pedro translated a glossary related to the Real Estate industry for a major United Kingdom's translation Agency.

Product Projects

  • Grant1
  • Web Page1
  • Brochure1

Summary of Product Experience


Pedro has also translated a report/proposal of a Waste Management Company which is the lider in the field of event's waste management. This proposal was for a big sports event.

Web Page

Pedro has translated a Live Site's Page for a most reputable Company maker of guitar strings and other music related accessories and instruments.


Pedro has experience in some fields, namely the translation of a touristic oriented brochure for one of the most prestigious Abbies in the United Kingdom.

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