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As a senior bilingual translator/reviewer English-Chinese, Chuanyan has six years of translation experience with a strong technical education background (bachelor degree of Management Information System) and unusually multidisciplinary work experience (once a software engineer, a book editor, a medical student, a NGOer, a Buddhist monk, etc). His translation achievements include: sixteen books (in addition to review of another four books) in literature, spirituality, psychology and education, plus a large volume (roughly 1,200,000 words) of commercial materials covering both Marketing, IT, Finance, Politics, Law, Manufacture, Pharmacy, General Science, etc.

Aside from his translation expertise, Chuanyan also has literary talent and deep insight into spirituality. The blood of poet is inextinguishably flaming in his body, and his unusual spiritual adventure (once a Christian, then a Zen Buddhism monk, and now an agnostic and semi-mystic) gifts him with unique perspectives about religion, spirituality, self, soul and many other topics.



Industry Projects

  • Education10+
  • Spirituality5
  • High Tech10+
  • Agriculture2
  • Non Profit5
  • Politics10+
  • Marketing7
  • Software10+
  • Publishing4

Summary of Industry Experience


With rich educational experience and a deep passion for this industry (once an educational NGOer dedicated into the educational improvement in China's impoverished rural areas for two years), Chuanyan has already translated a large volume of educational books, articles and websites for publishers, parents and educators.


With Chuanyan's unusual spiritual adventure (once a Christian, then a Zen Buddhist monk, and now an agnostic and semi-mystic) and insatiable thirst for the ultimate truth, Chuanyan has rich spiritual experience and knowledge,and translated quite a few spiritual books.

High Tech

Before he started his translation career, Chuanyan was a software engineer for three years, so he keeps abreast of cutting-edge Information technologies and is deeply engaged with translation in this field.


Chuanyan was born in rural China and was nurtured by the pastoral life and landscape from his childhood, and he was always engaged in agricultural activities. Actually, he is an active advocate of sustainable lifestyle "Half-Farmer and half-X" (here "X" means any profession or career that enables us to interact with and make a contribution to society and also intensively study organic agriculture). Therefore, he definitely has an advantage for translation in this field.

Non Profit

Chuanyan was once a full-time social worker for China's Rural Library, the civil organization to help children in China's impoverished rural areas. Even now, he is still working as a translator for several non-governmental organizations such like London-based Saferworld and Beijing-based Social Entrepreneur.


As a dissident against the authoritarian regime in China, Chuanyan has much knowledge about politics, sociology and economics. His translation in this field includes: the analysis of Velvet Revolution in Eastern Europe (book), Women Human Rights Defenders Security Strategies (e-book), After Three Gorges Dam: What Have We Learned (conference presentation), etc.


With his literary talent and rich translation experience, Chuanyan took quite a few marketing projects for companies who are aggressively expanding their market share in China. His translation projects and clients in this field include but not limited to: Broadwater & Billbergia (Australia's real estate industry); Ebden's (infant formulas); Organica Water (treatment and recycling of waste water); Meco (water purification equipment and technology);


Chuanyan was once a software engineer for three years, therefore he always keeps abreast of cutting-edge information technologies. His translation achievement in this field includes but is not limited to: ABBYY: the leading software company specializing in optical character recognition, document capture and language technology, currently it is aggressively expanding its market share in China. My translation topics vary from regular introduction of its new products and functions to user manual to successful cases of its application in many other countries and various industries. Here is the Chinese website: Hybris: the leading company that specializes in multi-channel e-commerce and product content management software. The translation topic is very similar to that of ABBYY project mentioned above. Here is its Chinese website: Apple Retailers in China: it launches broad questionnaires quarterly (generally 100,000 words each time). The Chengdu-based translation agency LingTuo: Chuanyan was once its part-time translator and took many information technology projects, among which he can still remember one about senior engineer certification routing and switching security; The Beijing-based human rights NGO Transition Institute: This organization once launched a translation project about how to use information security software to protect personal privacy not to be invaded by governmental authorities. It introduces many technical steps for safe end-to-end communication of mobile users. Here is the Chinese website:


Chuanyan was once an editor in liberal arts and helped publish quite a few books. For example, he was once in charge of a huge encyclopedia project about Chinese traditional culture and its comparison with classic western civilization. Thanks to this kind of experience, Chuanyan not only has great editing and proofreading skills but also is quite familiar with the whole publishing process. Even after becoming a freelance translator, he still maintains good connections with some excellent publishers and editors. He is also excellent in online publication and relevant marketing strategies.

Product Projects

  • Book20+
  • Article500+
  • Product Description100+
  • Advertisement20+

Summary of Product Experience


Chuanyan has already translated sixteen books from English into Chinese and reviewed another four books, with novels/memoirs, spirituality, psychology, education, health/medicine, business management as his main focus. Most of their Chinese versions are available online.


Chuanyan has translated a large number of articles for several NGOs, educational websites and other organizations.

Product Description

Chuanyan has been translating production descriptions for many technology companies who are aggressively launching their new products in China, such as ABBYY, Hybris and Apple.


Chuanyan has been translating production descriptions for many international companies aspiring to expand their market share in China, such as ABBYY, Hybris, Broadwater & Billbergia.