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Jeffrey is a professional translator presently located in Atlanta, GA where he is preparing for the JLPT next year and tutoring Japanese students. He has studied Japanese formally for many years and has lived in Shibuya, Tokyo for the past year studying at a language school.


Industry Projects

  • Agriculture3
  • Relationships1

Summary of Industry Experience


Jeff has translated a number of agricultural news stories. Most of them discuss weather patterns and price fluctuations of various goods in the Japanese market. They often make speculative claims and use weather and agricultural terminology.


Jeff translated an article on a website authored by a person giving advice to those who are having trouble finding someone to marry. This particular article discusses the nature of luck in how it pertains to love.

Product Projects

  • Article10+
  • Web Page8
  • Blog Post3
  • Book2

Summary of Product Experience


Jeff translated a number of NHK news articles. Among them are accident and weather reports, economic assessments, interviews and general news stories. The majority of them are around 200 words.

Web Page

Jeff has translated numerous private web pages, blog posts, and encyclopedia articles. Many of them are opinion pieces (thus requiring a strong persuasive voice). The sample is the Wikipedia entry on the history of the Facebook company.

Blog Post

Jeff translated posts submitted on a gaming forum for S&H Entertainment Localization. They contained offensive slang being considered for future filtering. He also prepared notes ascribing potential offensiveness to the terms. He has also translated other opinionated blog pieces.


Jeff has translated selections from various books, especially essays and children's literature. The following sample is a translation of the first chapter of the Japanese version of Alice in Wonderland.