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After receiving a French Master's degree in foreign languages (English and Italian) and international business, Sandrine has been working for about 12 years in logistics, mainly in supplying. Thanks to this experience, she always focuses on the client satisfaction, respecting his deadlines, instructions and, of course, trying to deliver the best quality. Starting as a translator from English and Italian to French in 2015, she can translate all general and technical documents, but she also has abilities for marketing contents and creative writing.



Language Projects

  • English (UK) to French (EU)50+
  • Italian to French (EU)20+

Summary of Language Experience

English (UK) to French (EU)

Although she had a degree a few years ago, Sandrine has used English in her previous professional activity and, being curious, reads as much as possible in English. Then, with her sense of details, she always researches to try and find the best word for all translations. She has been collaborating with a translation agency on a regular basis for a few months.

Italian to French (EU)

Although she received her degree a few years ago, Sandrine has always used Italian during her previous professional experience, her first employer being an Italian company. She never misses opportunities to read in Italian, and doesn't hesitate to spend time making researches on the web for finding the best word for her translations.

Industry Projects

  • Other50+

Summary of Industry Experience


Now collaborating regularly with a translation agency, Sandrine translates documents in vary various fields, from industrial contents to marketing ones, including manual users, websites, products descriptions, etc, related to new technologies, cosmetics, arts, sports.

Product Projects

  • Product Description20+

Summary of Product Experience

Product Description

Sandrine has been translated mainly marketing content, including Adwords, product descriptions, presentations, and guides. Some of those projects included websites as well, tourism and advertising and surveys.

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