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Shiho's experience as a linguist started over 15 years ago, when she began her career as a language instructor while studying English (especially American) literature and related subjects at graduate school in Japan and the U.S.

During these years, she has developed a highly proficient command of English and deeper insight into her native language, Japanese, through scholarly research and writing and also through translation coursework and training. While she enjoyed teaching language and literature at universities and in adult education, she also found great satisfaction in being able to successfully launch her career as a freelance translator and editor/proofreader.

Having relocated from Japan to the U.S. at the end of 2012, she has chosen to focus her efforts on "full-time" translation and editing business. She is here to serve her clients with even doubled enthusiasm and with gratitude for this rewarding profession that allows her to continue learning every day.


Industry Projects

  • Education20+
  • Travel50+

Summary of Industry Experience


As a language teacher and as a former university instructor, Shiho is quite interested in both theories and practices in education. She has translated various materials, including a websites for parenting, a book on pedagogy, and school brochures.


Shiho has translated many websites, brochures, and articles in the tourism/travel-related industry.

Product Projects

  • Other20+
  • Web Page20+
  • Book5

Summary of Product Experience


Before becoming a full-time translator, Shiho was a scholar/instructor and naturally she still has a tremendous interest in reading scholarly articles and books, especially in humanities. Translating academic papers, books, book reviews, and small articles, therefore, is one of the exciting projects for her.

Web Page

Shiho has been involved with the translation of many websites of highly-regarded companies in various fields such as tourism/travel, education, transportation, and entertainment.


The projects Shiho has joined includes the translation of books in the fields of literature, history, education, and social studies.