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Irina is a professional translator certified by the Union of Translators of Russia. She has over 13 years of full-time translation experience with 14,300k words translated. Specializing in business, marketing and law, she regularly participates in large projects under famous brands, such as Breitling, Aon plc, Salym Petroleum Development N.V., Shell, Nissan Manufacturing RUS, Heineken, Gazprom, Rosneft, the Bank of Russia, Skolkovo.

Irina resides in Russia and adheres to the Translation Standards adopted by the Union of Translators of Russia, so you will have no quality-related problems. In addition to that, she follows the principle of strict confidentiality, and you will never face the problem of information leakage. You will always have all translations in time, because she is able to work under tight deadlines. Besides, she is ready to work in the manner convenient for you, and in case of urgent requests you can receive translations even on holidays and weekends.

Irina is constantly working to maintain high quality of her translations and deepen her expertise in the areas of specialization. To this end, she regularly attends various trainings, courses, workshops, and webinars related to translation process and tools as well as her areas of specialization. For example, she is a permanent participant in the sessions held by the Union of Translators of Russia.

She always knew she would become a translator as she has been fond of languages since the very childhood and now she enjoys helping people to build strong relationships in spite of cultural differences.



Language Projects

  • English (UK) to Russian1

Summary of Language Experience

English (UK) to Russian

For more than 13 years Irina has been translating from English (UK) into her native Russian. She has successfully completed over 1,000 projects in business, marketing and legal domains and acquired in-depth knowledge of relevant terminology. She is regularly invited to participate in large projects under famous brands and characterised both by creativity and attention to details.

Industry Projects

  • Legal1,000+
  • Business500+
  • Marketing500+

Summary of Industry Experience


During her professional career, Irina has successfully completed over 1,500 projects in the legal domain, among them are contracts and agreements, founding and registration documents, tender documentation, laws, regulations and standards, personal documents, articles on law and analytical reports. In 2015 she completed a 3-month course in translation of legal and financial documentation and obtained a certificate of professional development from St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


During her professional career, Irina has translated a wide range of business papers, among them are founding and registration documents, internal policies and procedures, contractual documentation, coaching materials, case studies, due diligence reports, company profiles, market analysis, strategic plans, risk management selling articles, business meeting reports, for companies like Shell, Salym Petroleum Development N.V., Nissan Manufacturing RUS, Alitalia, Aon plc, Konecranes, JDE, Sberbank.


Irina is interested in marketing and has translated hundreds of webpages, articles, brochures, product descriptions, presentations, newsletters, press releases, and coaching materials for companies like Breitling, Konecranes, Emerson, Heineken, SKF, Mediestetik Clinic, Aggreko.

Product Projects

  • Presentation100+
  • Press Release100+
  • Web Page100+
  • Product Description100+
  • Blog Post100+
  • Brochure100+

Summary of Product Experience


During her professional career, Irina has translated numerous presentations for companies like Breitling, Nissan, Zurich, Konecranes, Emerson, Sberbank and for Moscow City Hall. For the most part, they are related to such areas as business, marketing, sales, and management.

Press Release

Irina has translated over 300 press releases within such projects as Automechanika, CeMAT, Hannover Messe, interpack, INTERSCHUTZ, Texprocess, DOMOTEX, Christmasworld, Hermitage, Skolkovo, SKF. While translating press releases, she demonstrates both her creativity and knowledge of relevant terminology.

Web Page

Irina has successfully completed over 300 projects (for such companies as Breitling, Heineken, Zurich), among which are web pages containing company profiles, strategies and policies, products and services, press releases, staff training materials, questions and answers, etc.

Product Description

For years Irina has been engaged in large projects under such brands as Breitling, Redmond, Emerson, AMA Travel Insurance, Zurich, Triple-A Logistics, AstralPool to translate descriptions of their products, among which are software, insurance, home appliances, and equipment.

Blog Post

Irina has successfully completed over 150 projects in such areas as business, marketing, sales, and management. While translating blog posts, she demonstrates both her creativity and knowledge of relevant terminology.


Irina has translated over 150 brochures advertising various products and services. She usually finds the right expressions and images to describe such products and services in the manner attractive to the Russian audience.

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