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After graduating from Université de La Réunion in 1999, Marie started teaching French and German in UK secondary schools. As well as teaching, she has completed many translation and proofreading projects in various domains, from technical manuals to cross-European government funded sociological research. She has recently directed her career path away from teaching and is now looking to work as a full-time freelance translator.
Juggling teaching and translation work involved a lot of commitment to working during evening, weekend and most school holidays. Marie has hence gained translation and proofreading experience and has developed excellent skills to provide excellent service as a translator. She is thorough and accurate and therefore can deliver work that is of high quality, respectful of the target audience and terminology. She prides herself in the fact that her work is very accurate and timely.



Language Projects

  • English (UK) to French (EU)100+

Summary of Language Experience

English (UK) to French (EU)

Marie studied English at the University of Reunion (France), graduating in 1998 before completing an MA in Translation (English Literature) in 1999. That same year she studied at Ripon and York St John's University as an ERASMUS student and went on to train and qualify as a secondary school teacher of French and German in 2000. These 15 years of working and living in the UK have provided her with a thorough understanding of the culture and workings of the English language.

Industry Projects

  • Travel50+
  • Business50+
  • Government20+

Summary of Industry Experience


Marie has translated many travel documents, brochures and website on holiday villas in the South of France and property descriptions for holiday lets across Europe.


FCA, Sheffield County Council, BT, Rentokil, Citicard to name a few, Marie has completed several project in the business sector: letters, training material, health and safety guides or walkthrough computer systems.


Marie has translated several governmental documents such as cross-European studies regarding domestic violence, housing regeneration programmes and brochures and police witnesses' reports.

Product Projects

  • Other100+

Summary of Product Experience


Marie has translated various documents of diverse categories, from letters to study reports, brochures and marketing leaflets.

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