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Studies from the University of Queensland in Linguistics and International relations and the University of Westminster in Translation and Interpreting, Adele has been working full time as a translator English-French and Spanish-French, for the website full time for a year and then freelancing for different translation agencies. She loves learning languages and being a linguist.


Industry Projects

  • Education7
  • Travel2
  • Fashion10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Adele has worked on an ongoing project aimed at teaching children to code. She has translated dozens of tutorial videos and a detailed manual for teachers.


Adele loves to travel. She has translated a couple of blog posts aimed at travellers.


Adele worked in house for a website and translated hundreds of product descriptions of fashion articles.

Product Projects

  • Press Release3
  • Product Description100+

Summary of Product Experience

Press Release

Adele has translated press releases for translation agencies.

Product Description

Adele worked in-house for for a year. She was part of the localisation team for the French website. Her daily tasks included translating product description and marketing content for French customers.