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Since receiving her Master's Degree in Translation Studies from Dublin City University Ireland in 2006, Lorraine has been working as a translator for a number of different agencies, and her greatest achievement to date has been the translation of a recently published Spanish book into English. Even as a little kid, Lorraine thought languages were fascinating. She is passionate about being a translator and building bridges between cultures.


Industry Projects

  • Travel4

Summary of Industry Experience


Lorraine is currently working with a translation agency in Barcelona, for whom she translates a range of texts for travel/tourism. She has also had experience teaching students who were studying Tourism.

Product Projects

  • Book1
  • Blog Post3
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  • Other6

Summary of Product Experience


Lorraine has translated a recently published novel, which the author of the original version tends to have published. She has years of experience with literature in both her language pairs, guaranteeing an accurate and polished result.

Blog Post

Lorraine is at present working with a translation agency in Barcelona, Spain, for whom she translates blogs and other types of texts, relating to tourism, for example.


Lorraine has translated the introduction to an academic article for UNESCO. Through the numerous studies she has completed, she has extensive experience writing academic English, guaranteeing an accurate and polished result.


Lorraine has translated divorce certificates, press releases and economic texts. She has 2 years experience in translating a range of different text types and she is very versatile, guaranteeing an accurate and polished result.