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After graduating from Universidad Nacional de La Plata in Argentina, Guillermo has been working as a part-time freelance translator. Most of his work is devoted to non-profit organizations like Ashoka. He is a member of the Colegio de Traductores de Buenos Aires, and therefore he is able to certify translations.



Language Projects

  • English (US) to Spanish (South America)20+

Summary of Language Experience

English (US) to Spanish (South America)

Guillermo has been working as a part-time translator for 3 years. Most of his work has been done as a professional translator's assistant. His latest work as an independent professional translator has been for Ashoka and others NGOs as a volunteer.

Industry Projects

  • Health20+

Summary of Industry Experience


Guillermo has a part-time job at a hospital, giving him the opportunity to work with doctors and nurses and helping them with their research. He knows that medicine is a fast developing science that needs to be shared to advance, and so spends most of his time translating it.

Product Projects

  • Other20+
  • Data Sheet5

Summary of Product Experience


Most of Guillermo's work as a translator has been in the medical field, translating medical investigations. This work has been done mainly for research purposes.

Data Sheet

Guillermo's work for Ashoka has been centered on prominent members' data sheets. Similar to most translations this had to be done fast and accurately, and thanks to his dedication, the job was delivered several days before the deadline.

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