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Hans is a fully qualified German lawyer who has been working as a translator in the UK since 2007. He uses his expertise as German lawyer to provide high quality legal and financial translations for his clients.



Language Projects

  • English (UK) to German500+
  • English (US) to German50+

Summary of Language Experience

English (UK) to German

Hans is a German citizen and German native speaker living in the UK since 2006. In Germany he was working more than 15 years as a lawyer. In the UK he is working as translator since 2007.

English (US) to German

Hans is also experienced in translating texts from English (US) into German. He is very familiar with the terminolgy used in American court correspondence and court decisions and in contracts.

Industry Projects

  • Legal100+
  • Finance100+

Summary of Industry Experience


Hans is a fully qualified German lawyer. He is also an experienced legal translator doing legal translations (legal correpondence, court decisions and contracts) in the UK in-house and on free-lance basis since 2008.


Hans is an experienced translator in the financial sector. In 2007 he translated the whole accountancy software of a company in the rental business. One of his last projects in the financial sector was the translation of an annual statement of a large British bank.

Product Projects

  • Press Release100+

Summary of Product Experience

Press Release

As a part of his work as a translator in the UK Hans is translating press releases and newsletter articles on a regular basis since 2008. During his in-house work he was translating articles of the company newsletter that is distributed in numerous European countries from English into German.

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