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Francesca received her PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Glasgow in 2013. She went on to earn an MA in Literary Translation from the University of Pisa. Even before then, she was passionate about translation and translated a sea novel and an historical essay for Italian publishing houses. Her specialties include the following areas: education, arts and humanities, spirituality and self-help, travel, current affairs.



Industry Projects

  • Publishing2
  • Other20+
  • Education10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Francesca has co-translated a contemporary sea novel, an historical essay for Italian publshing houses in MIlan and Rome.


Francesca has translated articles, blog posts and reports from US and UK English to Italian while working at the Italian Foreign Office and for private clients, in the following areas: politics and current affairs, self help and spirituality, culture, education, travel


Francesca has translated articles about travel, art, culture and education for private clients; about politics and current affairs for the Italian Foreign Office.

Product Projects

  • Article20+
  • Blog Post20+
  • Other10+

Summary of Product Experience


Francesca translated articles and essays both as an intern at the Italian Foreign Office and for private clients in Scotland. Topics ranged from current affairs and history to travel and tourism. Being a perfectionist, Francesca is very accurate and thorough in her approach to the text.

Blog Post

Francesca translated blog posts and articles from English to Italian as part of her internship at the Italian Foreign Office.


Francesca translated essays, articles, reports for private clients and as part of her internship as translator at the Italian Foreign Office.