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Before she started studying Linguistics, Cultural Studies and Translation Studies at Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz (Germany), Nina-Maria was working as a Medical Assistant for five years. Hence, she is an academic translator and also has the professional medical background which is essential for translating medical texts both for experts and laypersons. Due to her comprehensive professional training, Nina-Maria can provide high-quality translations.



Industry Projects

  • Medical100+

Summary of Industry Experience


Nina-Maria has been translating summaries of product characteristics, patient information leaflets, discharge summaries, and medical finding reports ever since she started working as a medical translator. Due to her field experience, she is a real expert when it comes to translating medical texts. The sample translation is a pathology report.

Product Projects

  • Other50+

Summary of Product Experience


Nina-Maria has translated about 75 protocol synopses for different pharmaceutical companies. Due to her medical background, she can easily reproduce the technical terminology and style of this very special type of text. Furthermore, she has translated about 120 Informed Consent Forms, both for adults, adolescents, and young children. Nina-Maria is very familiar with all kinds of texts related to clinical research. The sample translation is an excerpt from a protocol synopsis.