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Julieta is an English-Spanish translator from Argentina. In her 5+ years of experience she has had the opportunity to work with different translation companies in documents from a variety of fields, including Economics & Business, Education, HR & Management, IT, and Legal.
She also works for private clients in the academic field translating abstracts, and articles for sociologists, anthopologists, historians, and other researchers.
Julieta also has a wide experience in subtitling TV series and movies that are broadcasted in major TV channels and online platforms, as well as in the localization of online and mobile games.



Language Projects

  • English (US) to Spanish (South America)100+

Summary of Language Experience

English (US) to Spanish (South America)

Julieta has been translating into Spanish for 5+ years from safety in production plant handbooks, disease erradication brochures, and product descriptions to videos for software and app developers, TV series and movies, and videogames.

Industry Projects

  • Other100+

Summary of Industry Experience


Julieta has completed several projects in areas such as Social Sciences, Legal, Business, Audiovisual, and IT. She knows the special needs of each area in terms of keeping the tone, maintaining the accuracy and resorting to creativity according to the needs of each particular text.

Product Projects

  • Other100+

Summary of Product Experience


Julieta has translated all kinds of documents: handbooks regarding safety in production plants and company policies, disease erradication brochures for farm owners, medical market research interviews, product descriptions, presentations for high and middle level management after mergers, software update articles, videos for software and app developers, thesis abstracts, terms & conditions sections, TV series and movies, and videogame content, among others.

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