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Cristina is a freelance English-Spanish, Spanish-English, and Catalan-English translator who was raised trilingual. She is also an editor/proofreader and can do transcription and subtitling as well. Cristina has studied and worked in Spain, the United States, the United Kingdom, and in France. While she generally writes in American English, she has no problem working with British English having lived in the UK for many years.



Language Projects

  • Spanish (EU) to English (US)10+

Summary of Language Experience

Spanish (EU) to English (US)

Cristina has been translating professionally from Spanish into English for four years, but because she was raised speaking, reading, and writing both languages her translation experience actually dates back much further.

Industry Projects

  • Women3

Summary of Industry Experience


Cristina has worked for multiple organizations that strive to advance the rights of women by providing Spanish<English translations.

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