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Languages have always been her passion and Silvia enjoys learning, teaching and working with them. She has had extensive experience in education, and in 2014 she finished a Bachelor's Degree in Interpreting and Translation, a field that fascinates her. Since 2013 he had been working as both
teacher and translator until last June, when she decided to take a break from education and fully devote herself to translation. In her career as a translator she has worked with many different kinds of texts, ranging from commercial letters, Geology articles to medical texts and certificates. She also collaborates with researchers as a proof reader for their publications.


Industry Projects

  • Science10+
  • Health6
  • Legal9
  • Medical10+
  • Food4

Summary of Industry Experience


Silvia has translated 13 Geology articles and collaborated as a proofreader y other 4 articles.


Silvia has translated 6 health related articles


Silvia has translated 12 certificates (birth, marriage, divorce, death, academic transcripts) and 4 criminal records.


Silvia has translated 14 medical projects (medical devices and medical articles)


Silvia has translated 4 recipies for blogs.

Product Projects

  • Article20+
  • Brochure10+
  • Other20+

Summary of Product Experience


Silvia has translated 10 Geology and Medical articles for high-impact journals, and has collaborated in other 13 as a proofreader. She has also translated IT and psychology articles.


Silvia has translated 13 brochures for different kinds of clients like hotels, museums, hospitals and gyms.


Silvia has translated around 40 projects ranging from commercial letters, certificates to Powerpoint presentations on different subjects.