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Alicia is a Spanish full-time freelance translator with 10 years of experience based in England, and her language combinations are: EN, FR, IT > ES (Spain). She is also an English sworn translator and an SDL Trados Studio online trainer.

Her degree in Translation and Interpreting and her MA in Translation with Language Technology enabled her to gain experience in website and software localization. She has also worked on several translation projects including technical (mainly for Renault and Michelin), marketing (cosmetics, toys, food), and legal projects of a wide variety of text types.

She has also worked as an English and Spanish teacher for 7 years.

She has lived a total of 6 years in different European countries with the main objective of improving her language skills and getting to know the differences between cultures to become a competitive translator: 1 year in Italy, 1.5 years in Ireland, 1 year in France, 1 year in Wales and now 8 months in England.



Language Projects

  • English (UK) to Spanish (EU)1,000+
  • French (EU) to Spanish (EU)100+
  • Italian to Spanish (EU)50+

Summary of Language Experience

English (UK) to Spanish (EU)

10 years of experience. 3 years living in English speaking country and currently living in England. English sworn translator.

French (EU) to Spanish (EU)

Technical texts for Renault and Michelin.

Italian to Spanish (EU)

Legal text translation.

Industry Projects

  • Gaming50+
  • Technology50+

Summary of Industry Experience


Apps, toys: Star Wars saga, My Little Pony, Little Mermaid, Transformers, Play Doh, Mister Potato...


Renault and Michelin.

Product Projects

  • Data Sheet50+
  • Grant20+
  • Twitter Post10+
  • Catalog5

Summary of Product Experience

Data Sheet

One of Alicia's direct clients is Renault Valladolid and Renault Seville, Spain. She has beed working for them for more than 7 years translating technical sheets: Twizy, Megane and Captur models, training material and mechining processes.


Alicia has carried out several legal translations from Italian into Spanish.

Twitter Post

Twitter posts and material for a campaing promoting London tourism.


Cookery utensils and machines.

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