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Liubov is a native Russian speaker born and educated in Russia. She has worked in a multilingual environment in the UK from 2007 till 2015, where translations from English into Russian and vice versa have been part of her day-to-day work. She has also been doing freelance translations since 2010.

Liubov's linguistic background (BA in Philology from Glazov State Pedagogical Institute), her natural flair for languages and a keen eye for detail are all an integral part to ensuring that her work is accurate, mistake-free and of high quality. Having lived and worked in the UK for over 13 years and having obtained a degree there, English is a next-to-native language to her.


Industry Projects

  • Travel20+
  • Marketing50+
  • Health20+

Summary of Industry Experience


Liubov is passionate about traveling and takes a special interest in travel & tourism related projects.


Having worked in marketing for the longest time and having translated numerous promotional materials, product descriptions, corporate profiles and presentations, Liubov is very competent in the field.


Liubov has a keen interest in the health industry, latest health trends and myths, and is very well-read on the subject.

Product Projects

  • Brochure50+
  • Article20+
  • Newsletter Content20+

Summary of Product Experience


Liubov has translated numerous brochures and promotional materials while working for Informa plc. She has also successfully completed a number of independent projects.


Liubov has translated a number of articles for various translation agencies and clients.

Newsletter Content

Liubov has worked on a number of projects covering articles and news.