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Aziz Hamdoun is an American Moroccan citizen. He has lived in the US for 14 years where he earned a Bachelor degree from Old Dominion University (GPA: 3.85) and an Associate degree from Tidewater Community College (GPA:3.78). He is also a volunteer with Translators Without Borders, a non-profit organization, and a interpreter volunteer helping Arabic speakers take their driver license test. He has been a freelance translator for three years.



Industry Projects

  • Government3

Summary of Industry Experience


Aziz has worked on 3 projects related to the refugee crisis in Europe in 2015.

Product Projects

  • Advertisement5

Summary of Product Experience


Translating advertisement materials to Arabic can be challenging. Aziz understands that words in the advertisement business are chosen carefully to be effective and straightforward. A translation that doesn't take that into account would be useless. Having worked in the retail business in the US, Aziz is equipped with both the language tools and a considerable understanding of the advertisement business. Aziz is capable of translating concepts and ideas rather than just words!