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After the mandatory school years Asger took the road down the office-sector world. He was a open-minded young boy who cared for people and loved being among them as well. That led him to service jobs such as customer consultant and receptionist. Technology started to get a hook on him so Asger took a 2 year IT-education and then headed to become a trainee at a big office, a headquarter for an unemployment insurance and labor union. Jumping forward to 2006, Asger moved to Thailand. Now language has been an increasing skill as well as passion in his life so getting used to communicate in English in daily life, has never been an issue for him. 5 years went on as a English teacher in different private and government schools. He started to take in some translation jobs and in October 2014 started full-time as a English/Danish translator under the name English Danish Language Services.



Language Projects

  • Danish to English (UK)500+

Summary of Language Experience

Danish to English (UK)

Asger has been doing translation in Danish to English for more than 4 years by now. He has been studying English for more than 25 years of his life and even worked almost 5 years as English teacher. It would be fair to recognize him as an expert in both languages and a bit of language-lover!

Industry Projects

  • Marketing100+

Summary of Industry Experience


I have been doing several marketing translation projects as well.

Product Projects

  • Script/Video100+

Summary of Product Experience


Asger has been doing several transcription and subtitle projects as well and loves to offer his expertise in this field as well.

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