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Daniel started his translation work as a part of his duties in Wey Excel Argentina in 1997. The Company was a Consultancy and Training provider on ISO 9000, QS 9000 and ISO 14000 Quality and Environmental Management Standards. Then he had different related job experiences. He has been a full-time freelance translator since 2011, and has had experience in a wide scope of areas (Automotive, Industrial machinery, Personnel training, Legal, Business and Finance, Medical & Pharma). He values the flexibility of a freelance job, thus he is very responsible in dealing with the quality and the timing of his jobs.



Industry Projects

  • Business50+

Summary of Industry Experience


One of Daniel's strengths is his versatility. However, he prefers technical translations, that involves an accurate knowledge of the related terminology. This is a sample of a business related report, about hotel industry prospects. With more time, Daniel will be uploading more samples on different industries. Proper names have been edited to comply with non-disclosure agreement requirements.

Product Projects

  • Product Description100+

Summary of Product Experience

Product Description

Daniel has completed more than 100 jobs in the category of Product Descriptions, in a wide scope of areas. The sample corresponds to an auto new model presentation, in which the brand name and other proper names have been changed to comply with non-disclosure agreement requirements.