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After receiving his Bachelor's degree in English Literature from Khartoum University in 1978, Lotfi has occupied a variety of clerical, administrative and translation positions in which English-Arabic translation, written and spoken, has been part and parcel (in Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt). That has been for bodies like: KSA Embassy in Khartoum; Sudan Airways in Khartoum; National Development Co. in Taif, KSA; Saudi A. Airlines in Medina, KSA.

Lotfi believes that a true linguist, like himself, is not only a bilingual person, but rather a person who is of a large knowledge in various fields of life and about cultures of peoples such as those of the 17 European, Asian and Arabic countries he has been. Yet, Lotfi is an author of 2 books, a number of researches and dozens of articles in scientific, legal, technical, social, religious areas and more.



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