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After receiving a masters degree in English teaching and armed with a bachelor's degree in both English and Spanish, Shaun decided to leave his translation degree incomplete to pursue a teaching career. During his five years of English teaching experience in Colombia, he both increased his Spanish fluency as well as gained practical experience in translation. Shaun has experience translating student records, academic research papers, websites, official correspondence and has worked as a translation editor for other professional translators. Teaching is still his full time profession, but as a teacher he has taught to his most advanced English students a half-semester course on translation theory, examining the nuances of directional equivalence theory versus natural equivalence, post-colonial theory versus structuralism and the precepts of skopos theory.


Industry Projects

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Summary of Industry Experience


Shaun has worked as a full-time English teacher for the past five years and a Spanish teacher for the preceding two. As an English teacher, he has been active in research, professional training and management as well as classroom teaching in a fully bilingual setting. He has gained experience translating in this context as the official translator for a school documents in an elite bilingual school in Bogotá, Colombia.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience

Web Page

Shaun has translated academic research, academic records, official correspondence and institutional webpages for an international school in Bogotá, Colombia.

Direct Mail

Shaun has translated official communications between the bilingual school and its English speaking parents and teachers in Bogotá, Colombia. These communications require a careful eye to style and tone while still communicating information clearly.