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Jeanne is of French descent and has spoken and written in French since early childhood. She attended Robert Goddard French Immersion from Kindergarten through 8th grade, then continued to take French language and writing courses in high school through university. Her education has provided her with a thorough understanding of French grammar, style, phrasing and conjugation. In her current position as Editorial Production Coordinator for an international non-profit organization, she communicates with all French-speaking correspondents and provides English subtitles for interview videos conducted in French.



Language Projects

  • English (US) to French (EU)50+
  • French (EU) to English (US)50+

Summary of Language Experience

English (US) to French (EU)

Jeanne has been translating from her native English to French for over 20 years. Because of her French background and 16 years of French language education, she is able to transform English text into comprehensible, fluent French without compromising its original style or meaning. In her current work as Editorial Production Coordinator for an international non-profit organization, Jeanne handles communication with all French-speaking correspondents.

French (EU) to English (US)

Jeanne has been translating from French to English since early childhood. Her communications with family and French-speaking colleagues has given her a thorough grasp of the language. She is able to translate complex texts into English without compromising style or meaning.

Industry Projects

  • Science1

Summary of Industry Experience


Jeanne has a bachelor of science degree in Psychology. She is well versed in the social sciences, biology and neuroscience. Jeanne learned elementary science in a French Immersion school from ages 5-13.

Product Projects

  • Script/Video5

Summary of Product Experience


Jeanne has translated several interviews given by French-speakers into English. These translations served as English subtitles for videos.

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