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After receiving his degree in International Management and Languages at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh in 2011, Paul has been building a list of high-profile clients he works with. These range from several French and Spanish speaking governments and organizations, to international companies such as El Corte Ingles, SAP, Repsol, Kellogs, Netflix, etc.

Paul hopes to continue building on his experiences and provide high quality translation work he can be proud of.



Language Projects

  • Spanish (EU) to English (UK)100+
  • French (EU) to English (UK)100+

Summary of Language Experience

Spanish (EU) to English (UK)

Paul works with several international organizations for translation work into his native English.

These include transcriptions for police departments and TV documentaries, Netflix TV show subtitling, video game translation, medical translation, legal translation for several international companies, government and banking institutions.

French (EU) to English (UK)

Paul works with several French-speaking governments and agencies. These include technical, economic, analytical, military-based documents.

He also has experience working with video game companies and particularly enjoys working with them.

Industry Projects

  • Technology100+

Summary of Industry Experience


Paul is a huge nerd. He loves everything about technology.

He considers himself privileged to be able to work on documents that deal with cutting edge technology and give him an insight into what the biggest technology companies are working on right now.

Product Projects

  • Grant100+

Summary of Product Experience


Paul has translated well over 200 business documents, mostly for international technology companies such as Informatica El Corte Ingles, SAP and several others.

Documents translated include proposals for potential projects, specifications, contracts and agreements.

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