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After receiving his bachelors degree in economics from UAQ 2013, Ignacio developed a start up company called Lekture (institute of speed reading courses) the firm branched out in two different cities, then he met a specialized writer in political speeches and started to work jointly writing the speeches for the Governor of Yucatan, after that Ignacio has been working on translations and writing his own material.



Industry Projects

  • Banking500+

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Ignacio works in Mexico City as a consultant, during that period he works in both languages english and spanish for different banks including Santander and Citi bank, he translated documents for working purposes.

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  • Newsletter Content100+

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Newsletter Content

Ignacio has translated more than 100 articles for different purposes in political issues, including Governor's personal blog, diplomatic letters and articles for the press. He has 3 years of experience in translations.

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