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Rita started as a freelance translator in 2003, after spending 6 years studying in both the USA and UK. This provided her with an excellent grasp of language variations and cultures, as well as regional expressions and accents. She is dedicated to her work, very professional and responsible, with an eagle eye for detail.



Industry Projects

  • Bio/Pharm100+
  • Travel100+
  • Business100+
  • Medical100+

Summary of Industry Experience


Rita has a background in Sciences, a subject which interests her very much. Her main focus has been on Biology, chemistry and medicine. Since 2003 she has translated various articles for pharmaceuticals, veterinarians, health associations, patients and doctors.


Rita loves travelling and everything related to the industry. She has translated several texts for the hotel industry and holiday property rental companies. She strives to convey the text with creativity and appeal to the public, focusing on adapting it to the Portuguese culture.


Rita's experience in translating business related documents includes tender documents for thermo-electrical and construction companies, O&M Manuals, surveying, contracts, annual reports and accounts, opinions, Euro zone articles, European affairs documents and governmental websites.


For her secondary schooling, Rita chose the Health and Sciences area of studies which included natural sciences, chemistry, biology, health sciences, psychology and physics. She loves sciences in general but has a special interest in medical translation.

Product Projects

  • Article100+
  • Product Description50+
  • Catalog10+
  • Web Page50+
  • Book10+

Summary of Product Experience


Since 2003 Rita has translated articles, press releases, websites,newsletters, brochures, reports, catalogues and books in subject areas such as tourism, economy, technology, history, marketing, medicine and biology, pharmacy and oenology.

Product Description

Rita has translated more than 90 product descriptions, mainly for the technology industry which included audio and visual systems, appliances, sports gear, industrial machines. She has also translated for the food industry - something she thoroughly enjoys.


Rita has spent five years translating (in a partnership)catalogues and brochures for a museum. These entailed the description and history of museum pieces, as well as history articles related to the Eastern world.

Web Page

Rita has translated more that 50 web page content related to the hospitality industry (up market vacation rentals, hotel web pages), art & design, publishing houses (marketing of a specific book)and import/export companies.


Rita has translated over 10 books in subjects such as history, geography, music, cooking and three for a collection of youth literature in a partnership with both publishing houses and various translation agencies.