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Curt is an experienced Spanish translator and tutor. He studied Spanish in college and gained years of practical experience as a U.S. Navy officer. His ports of call to Spain and France and post-Navy travel to Latin America sharpened his skills. He has also tutored elementary Spanish college students and done online translating work for several clients.

Curt's main strengths are Spanish-to-English (and vice versa), where he can skillfully convert those languages into their colloquial counterparts while retaining the original meaning and intent of the speaker.



Language Projects

  • Spanish (EU) to English (US)100+
  • English (US) to Spanish (EU)100+

Summary of Language Experience

Spanish (EU) to English (US)

Curt has done several long translation (Spanish to English) projects for clients and has hours of Spanish tutoring experience. He is an accomplished freelance author, a student of Mexican and Spanish history, and will add polish to any translating text without sacrificing the intent of the Spanish. ¡Este hombre es un gram traductor de español!

English (US) to Spanish (EU)

Curt has been translating from his native English to both European and Latin American Spanish for over 50 years. He served as a part-time interpreter with U.S. Navy shore staff during his years deployed on aircraft carriers visiting Spain. He also tutored college students in elementary Spanish after he retired from the Navy in 1986.

Industry Projects

  • Software100+
  • Education100+
  • Business50+
  • Career20+

Summary of Industry Experience


Curt is a former operating systems and MS Office instructor.


Curt's academic background consists of college courses in both elementary and advanced Spanish studies. In addition to serving as a translator during his Navy service overseas, Curt has also tutored dozens of high school and college students both on line and at a community college tutoring center.


Curt has written dozens of articles, blogs, and press releases for the business community. His principal focus has been web translation for Hispanic customers buying American products.


As a vocational education advisor at a California community college, Curt translated vocational education career descriptions from English to Spanish for the Spanish-speaking student clientele.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post50+
  • Brochure1

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Curt has written hundreds of English language blogs for several internet content companies. His English-to-Spanish translation skills have come into play when he wrote for language translation firms.


Curt's major project was translation of a lengthy technical operating manual for a traffic control products manufacturer in Spain. This was a 5,000-word Spanish to English project with a significant amount of technical terms, which he had to translate into idiomatic English for the user customer.

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