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Elisabeth studied German and French language, literature and translation at the University of Vienna and Paris (thesis in 2006 about Peter Handke and his role at translator). From 2001 to 2007 she gave translation courses at the university of Paris III and she is working for the past 20 years as freelance translator (technological and literary translations).



Language Projects

  • French (EU) to German100+
  • English (UK) to German20+

Summary of Language Experience

French (EU) to German

Elisabeth lived in Paris for more than 10 years and she taught translation at the University of Paris III. She also worked at theaters where she translated several articles for the programs for instance or subtitles. As she is married to a French man and she speaks French at home.

English (UK) to German

Due to her collaboration with established translation agencies, Elisabeth did a lot of translations from English to German. Also, while working for the festival of Salzburg as project manager of the YOUNG DIRECTORS PROJECT, she had a lot of translations to do.

Industry Projects

  • Software7

Summary of Industry Experience


Elisabeth did several translations for the international company Kofax. Originally coming from literature and theatre, this was a very good possiblity to address herself to new tasks.

Product Projects

  • Book3

Summary of Product Experience


As Elisabeth is working since many years as translator she has a lot of different experiences: she translated literature (a stage play for instance) but also nonfiction books (about Manga or Yoga for instance). Due to her collaboration avec Textcase she got in touch with different textforms: advertisement,article, catalogue, newsletter, press release, product description etc. etc.

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