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After working several years in agricultural research, family circumstances led Louise to change careers and use her French and English language skills to serve clients. Her scientific training and her background in agriculture fuels her to deliver reader-friendly and precise translations. She enjoys the variety of subjects that translation brought her to research and know. Agriculture remains one of her prime interests and she hopes her specialized skills can be of service to anyone in the field of crop science.



Language Projects

  • French (EU) to English (US)10+

Summary of Language Experience

French (EU) to English (US)

Louise has been translating French into English for over 18 months. Born of Belgian parents and raised mostly in France, Louise learned English as a child while living in the U.S. She has been a resident of the U.S. for seven years, and although English is her primary language, she keeps in touch with her relatives in French, reads French news sources to keep updated on events abroad, and raises her two sons to be bilingual. She switches back and forth between the two languages on a daily basis. Louise can handle a wide range of subjects and registers. Her background as a researcher trained her to produce clear and accurate writing, and she sets the same standards for her translations.

Industry Projects

  • Business9

Summary of Industry Experience


Most of Louise's experience as a translator was achieved in the field of business consulting. Louise has translated articles, website pages, recruting tests, presentations pertaining to business transformations, Lean strategies, mergers and acquisitions, etc.

Product Projects

  • Brochure10+
  • Article6

Summary of Product Experience


Louise has translated multiple brochures for public and private institutions. Louise keeps the brochure's goals in mind, and delivers a translated product tailored for the client's audience. Reflecting the client's professional excellence while communicating clear information for the client's targeted customers is her number one priority.


Louise has translated over 10,000 words in articles for various subjects in the business and human resources fields. Her previous professional experience as a researcher led her to write multiple articles for various audiences, and she knows what an article needs to flow and to convey a clear message.

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