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After graduating with a degree in Spanish, and living in Spain briefly, Leigh went on to teach for 3 years, but found her true passion to be working in and writing about healthcare, business and technology. She is a fulltime translator, writer & copywriter.

To date, she has translated over 150K words to flowing, natural and engaging English. She has successfully tackled high level topics like physics, finance, marketing, copywriting, advanced chess strategy, legal and technology, as well as, 2 published books from best selling authors in Spain and South America.

Leigh understands that translation is not just about words, but ideas and, as a very experienced writer, she seeks out the the best words to convey the same tone, pace and message of the source text. She utilizes her writing skill coupled with a business management background and MBA level education to adapt references, tone, etc., as requested, to speak more effectively to the target audience. For example, if desired by the client, a soccer reference in Spain might become a basketball or football (American) reference with the same meaning and in a language to which readers relate.

She can translate websites directly into an HTML file to retain the code and use programs that help assure translation consistency across documents for a given client.

She has many repeat clients who appreciate her attention to detail and that she never allows a translation to sound like a translation to a native ear. She loves meeting people from around the world and volunteers in her community by assisting native speakers of other languages, learn English.


Elite Skills

Industry Projects

  • Career10+
  • Legal5
  • Marketing5
  • Education5
  • Travel2
  • Business10+
  • Technology10+

Summary of Industry Experience


There is not a good way to format this in the site, but here is one of the many resumes that Leigh translated and formatted for clients who are moving from South America to the US. She works as a freelancer for a translation firm in Chile. Name and identifiers removed or replaced with XXXX. Note that she always advises Chilean clients that in the US we do put our marital status, spouse and children on a resume, but allows them to decide whether to remove it. Most of these clients have very high level skills and civil commendations that she must effectively communicate to potential employers.


She has translated Visa documents, Vehicle registrations, Birth Certificates, Terms and Conditions, Arrest warrents, deeds, etc. She is happy to sign a verification of my expertise, but please note that, while she is very skilled, she is not what is referred to as a "certified translator", meaning she has not paid thousands of dollars to join a professional organization. However, you can view the related certifications that she does have on the certifications tab. If the translation must be performed by a certified translator this will always be stated by the court, your legal advisor or other governing entity. If certification is not required, she is happy to assist.


This is a translation that Leigh completed for a very popular cell phone company and repeat customer in Chile. It is a script for a TV ad spot. She is a copywriter and has written articles and books on marketing strategy. She has also translated copywritten webpages for the UK and US audience.


This is a section from a Physics experiment workbook that she translated for a client in Chile. Very detailed and needed to be written in two tones, one for the students and the other for the teacher.


This is an excerpt from a travel book, regarding the amazing architecture in Chile. The language is written very poetically and beautifully, so Leigh worked to match that in English. It wasn't easy, but she gives her all to each project. She translated one of her books and she and her publisher were so impressed with the way she matched her eloquent writing, that she quickly sent the next one to translate.


Leigh translated a website for a prestigious management consulting firm in Chile. They were skeptical at first and only sent a few pages to translate, but soon after, sent their entire site, including all of their copywriting, case studies, consultant bios, FAQs, everything. As you can imagine they had very high standards and they were very happy with her work.


IT University grad students asked her to translate their research project into English for publication in a journal. Very high level tech and so much fun to translate and structure to meet academic standards.

Product Projects

  • Web Page10+
  • Advertisement10+
  • Book2

Summary of Product Experience

Web Page

Leigh has translated many websites for high profile clients, including a Business Management Consultancy Firm with very high standards and they continue to seek her professional services when they update their site. She understands how to use technology to isolate text within HTML code and write over the source language with the translated text, so that formatting, links, etc. are maintained and you or your IT professional can easily upload the translation on your website hassle free.


Leigh is an experienced copywriter in addition to translating, so when she translates copy, she identifies the target audience and speaks to them in an engaging way that calls them to action. The below example was for a UK audience, so it may have spelling/words specific to UK.


Leigh is a copywriter, writer and translator who has had the priviledge of bringing two full-length best selling published books from South America and Spain to the US English speaking audience.