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Lauren has over two years of experience working in both professional and freelance capacities as an Italian-English translator. She began by translating documents, articles, Italian Language Department publications, and personal/professional correspondences as the Assistant to the Coordinator of the Italian Language Department at Syracuse University in Florence, Italy. Through word of mouth references, Lauren built a small freelance business working with local professionals (including lawyers, professors, journalists, and marketing analysts, to name a few), translating a variety of documents including journal articles, CVs/cover letters, research reports, art historical papers, and speeches.

Additionally, Lauren has experience as an English teacher, conversationalist, and tutor for native Italian speakers of all ages. For over a year she has worked with children and adults alike to help them improve and refine their English, complete homework/reading exercises, expand their vocabulary, and provide English conversation/instruction in a relaxed and informal setting. Because Lauren works with a diverse clientele from many different fields and backgrounds, she has a wide-ranging knowledge of both professional and informal Italian vocabulary,

Lastly, Lauren lived and worked in Italy for nearly 4 years. As a result she has a deep understanding of some of the cultural meanings and syntactical structures behind words that might be overlooked or misunderstood by translators unfamiliar with the culture.


Industry Projects

  • Education50+
  • Marketing8

Summary of Industry Experience


Lauren has spent a large portion of her time working and studying in the world of academia, and the majority of her translation contacts have come through networking in various university and scholarly settings. As a result, a large portion of her business deals with education - from translating inter-departmental emails, to classroom activities and tenure track portfolio letters, to papers discussing the didactics of teaching Italian as a second language. Additionally, many of her clients are traditional academics, so translations include scholarly papers on art, history, medicine, etc.


Lauren has worked with several Italian professionals interested in translating integrated marketing reports and analyses, and has built up an extensive technical vocabulary. She has over a year of experience in the field.

Product Projects

  • Other20+
  • Email Copy50+
  • Press Release5

Summary of Product Experience


Lauren has translated over 30 miscellaneous documents for Italian-speaking business professionals, including cover letters, CVs, reports/analyses, and presentation texts. Through word-of-mouth references, Lauren built up a steady clientele of people from various professions. As a result, she is able to adapt the tone and style of her translations to their various contexts; she has also significantly broadened her range of vocabulary through exposure to many different fields.

Email Copy

In her capacity as Assistant to the Coordinator of the Italian Language Department at Syracuse University in Florence, a position which she held for two years, Lauren drafted, wrote, and edited several of the Coordinator's personal and professional emails, either as dictated to her in Italian, or as a direct translation from written Italian into English.

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