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Creating high-quality content takes a lot of time, energy and talent – things you may not have to spare. Rather than try to do it all yourself, consider hiring a professional ghostwriter to conquer your content needs.  

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What is a ghostwriter?

For many companies in content marketing, a ghostwriter is one of their very best friends. Ghostwriters take on work for hire, delivered to your specification, without any credit for the finished work given to the writer.

Ghostwriters get paid for creating the work, but you get the freedom to credit the content to anyone you choose. Freelance ghostwriters are often hired to create blog posts, e-books, printed books or presentations, with credit for the content going to the company CEO or even the brand in general.

Celebrities and public figures have also hired ghostwriters to write their speeches, autobiographies and memoirs. All credit for the work goes to the celebrity or public figure, typically without anyone even knowing a ghostwriter exists.

What is a ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is the art of creating a piece of content under someone else’s name, which means the content needs to be written in a way that reflects the tone, voice and message of the person getting credit for the work.

The best ghostwriting is born out of a collaborative process. The person or company that hires the ghostwriter provides the instructions for the piece, which may include the direction, tone, voice, style and other details of the desired finished product. 

The ghostwriter brings expert skills, with the exact skills depending on the specific ghostwriter you hire. 

Ghostwriting requires writing skills, of course, along with the ability to create content that aligns with the voice of your brand. 

Ghostwriter services can be used for a single project, but they can also lead to long-term relationships. Once you find ghostwriters who deliver exactly what you need, you may choose to stick with them for the long haul. 

As they learn more and more about you and your business, they can act as trusted advisors who help you produce top-notch content again and again.

Ghostwriting skills






How does ghostwriting work?

As with other types of freelance work, ghostwriting starts by finding the right person to do the job. Once you’ve landed on one or more freelance ghostwriters for hire that appear to be a good match, you may want to give each of them a small assignment to test out what it’s like to work with them before jumping into a major project. 

Make sure you have a contract that covers important points associated with ghostwriter services. These include:

Copyright ownership

By default, the copyright of content automatically goes to the content creator, which would be the ghostwriter. You want to make sure the copyright goes to you.

Transaction terms

Transaction terms tell the ghostwriter how, when and how much you’ll pay for the ghostwriter services covered in the project scope.

Work-for-hire clause

This clause ensures your agreement is clearly a work-for-hire contract arrangement, not one between an employer and ongoing employee.

Project scope

Project scope outlines everything the freelance ghostwriter is expected to deliver and do as part of the final project. It generally covers the amount and length of the work, deadline, revision and research requirements.

Nondisclosure agreements

Nondisclosure agreements cover what the freelance ghostwriter is allowed to discuss, and with whom. You may not want the writer telling the world they wrote your memoir, but it may be OK to use the blog posts they wrote for you in their portfolio.

Working with the ghostwriter.

Working with the ghostwriter comes next. The more details you can give them about your project and brand, the better the outcome is likely to be. Include those details in a creative brief that covers things like narrative, tone, audience and more. 

Including examples of existing content and/or content you want to emulate is another good idea to help guide your writer even further. Do remember, however, you sought out a ghostwriter because of their skills. 

Now it’s time to get started with the ghostwriter. Reach out and share your brief. Give them an opportunity to ask any questions they may have about the project. Once that’s done, it’s time to wait. The ghostwriter will work their magic and develop the content you need.

Once they’re finished, be sure to provide feedback and guidance, so that any revisions requested can be done in a timely manner. This is your chance to ensure everything is perfect before the project is complete!

In the end, the goal is to create content that will represent your brand in a positive and memorable way. Working with a ghostwriter can help you achieve this goal more effectively than if you created the content on your own. So be sure to take advantage of all the experiences and skills they have to offer!

Giving them a bit of creative leeway where appropriate can turn a good project into a great one.

Creative brief

Word count


Narrative voice

Tone and style

Formatting requirements

Target audience


Things to avoid

Things to include

Is ghostwriting legal?

Ghostwriting is legal. It counts as an exchange of goods and services for hire. You are paying someone to provide you with writing services, the finished content, and the copyright for that content. Make sure you cover all the necessarily details in your ghostwriting services contract. 


Although legal, there are situations where ghostwriting is not considered ethical. Hiring someone to write term papers, theses, dissertations or other academic work can result in penalties from the institution for academic fraud. 

When to use ghostwriter services.

Although ghostwriting was originally defined as writing for which the credit was attributed to someone other than the writer, the term appears to have expanded in meaning. It is now sometimes used to describe writing that may not be attributed to anyone at all. Under this broad definition, ghostwriting can be used for nearly any type of content you need.

While there are dozens of scenarios where hiring a ghostwriter is an ideal option, it typically boils down to two main reasons: lack of time or lack of writing experience and/or skills.

Ghostwriters may be referred to as:

Freelance writers



Article writers

Website writers

Legal writers

Technical writers

Writers in specific niches or industries 

Main ghostwriting content types:

Blog posts and articles

Social media posts


Website copy

Video scripts and screenplays

Books and e-books

White papers

Guides and manuals  

For individuals or brands that want to:

Free up time to work on tasks other than writing

Complete writing projects in a fraction of the time it may take to do it themselves 

Create massive amounts of content as part of their content marketing strategy

Tap into additional expertise in their industry, niche or field

Publish polished, high-quality content that gets them noticed

Where and how to find ghostwriters for hire.

Finding just the right ghostwriter for your project can be a colossal job – or not. It depends on how you go about it. You have several ways to find ghostwriters for hire:

Search for writers on your own.

Doing your own search involves asking around and looking around for a ghostwriter with the experience and skills you desire. Ask colleagues, review bylines in industry publications, do a search on LinkedIn for professional ghostwriters. Reach out to ask questions, get writing samples, check out their websites and discern interest in your project. 

You’ll have to do all the heavy lifting yourself. This includes vetting, creating the contract and creative brief, understanding payment and delivery expectations, providing feedback, and more.

You may need to outsource certain elements such as legal or other professional services. 

To ensure success when searching for a ghostwriter on your own, do your due diligence by researching the writer’s credentials and track record. Look for reviews, references, and examples of their work to make sure they are the right fit for your project.

Post your project on a freelance job board.

Posting a project on a freelance job board or similar site can cut down on time by having writers come to you. You may still have to do your fair share of vetting and communicating with applicants, weeding out those who can’t produce what you need who have decided to apply anyway.  

To get the best results with applicants, you’ll need to write a compelling job post. Describe the project in detail and be clear about what you’re looking for. 

After creating your job post, don’t forget to promote it. The more people who see the job post, the better response you are likely to get.

Once applicants start rolling in, take time to review each one properly so you don’t miss out on the best candidate. Pick a few applicants to interview and, if you’re still unsure, ask them for a sample of their writing.

Use a content creation platform or marketplace.

Using a trusted content creation platform or marketplace can eliminate a lot of the hassle and headache that comes from trying to find a ghostwriter on your own. The best platforms, like WriterAccess, do all the preliminary work for you. 

At WriterAccess: 

  • Writers are screened, vetted and rated before they’re even accepted onto the platform. Talent profiles contain writing samples and ratings based on past experience and ongoing performance. 
  • Our existing platform agreement is to produce work for hire, with copyright ownership going to the party that does the hiring. 
  • Payments are handled through the platform, as is the assurance writers meet deadlines and deliver content to your specifications. 
  • Communicate directly with writers through the messaging system and conference calls.

The best choice to get quality ghostwriting services.

WriterAccess makes it easy to find and work with the perfect ghostwriter for your blogs, articles, e-books, books, white papers or any other content type. Work with one or several writers at the same time, with a central platform dashboard keeping track of all your orders. Get started with three easy steps. 

Find your perfect writer.

Search our pool of more than 20,000 freelancers using the method that suits you best. 

Advanced Search lets you narrow down your choices by specialty, industry, content type, star rating and other criteria.

AI Search lets you submit a writing sample, and then matches you up with writers that align with the sample’s style. 

Casting Calls let you post a job for hire so the applicants come to you.

Place your order.

Create and place your order, sending it to a single writer or team of writers you hand-picked yourself. The first writer from the team to pick up the order is the one that gets to complete it. 

Tools. A number of platform tools help you set up orders quickly. They include order templates, a creative brief builder, keyword lists, buyer persona and customer journey builders, and rulesets that outline rules writers must adhere to before submitting the finished product.

Review and approve order.

Once the writer submits the order, review it and either approve or ask for changes.

Communication. Communicate with writers by leaving comments on orders, using the platform messaging system, or conference calls.

SEO. You can assign keywords to your order and see them highlighted in the copy submitted by the writer.  

Unlimited revisions are part of the agreement, as is the WriterAccess delight guarantee. If you’re not happy with the results after at least one round of revisions, you don’t pay.

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