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6 Strategies To Help You Conquer Writer’s Block

Discover 6 ways to overcome writer

If you’re a writer, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered the wrath of writer’s block.

It may not come too often, but it still leaves you in a lurch — especially if you have multiple deadlines and the clock keeps ticking away.

There are a lot of ways to combat this without pulling out your hair. Knowing how to beat writer’s block and quickly get yourself out of a rut will give you a sigh of relief, each and every time.

Here are six ways to beat writer’s block:

1. Take a trip

Yes. A trip. Any trip. It can be a trip to the store, or a weekend in Buenos Aires. You need to unplug and free your mind.

The key? Don’t drive. Get on a plane, bus, or any mode of transportation where you aren’t the driver. Start writing from the time you board, to the time you arrive.

Get back to basics. Arm yourself with a pen and paper, and get to work.

2. Change your surroundings

If you write at the same place all the time, it can get pretty boring. A change of scenery could work wonders.

Go outside or to the library and engage with others. Take a walk with your phone or iPad and write from wherever you are.

The challenge is to break away from the norm and do something different.

3. Look at photos

Great memories tend to have a lasting effect on the way you feel for the rest of the day.

Look back at what made you happy and transfer that energy into your writing.

4. Write differently

If you always write on a laptop with a word processor, switching things up could be just what the doctor ordered.

Write your work on WordPress using a phone or iPad. The differences in convenience will make you start to think about how you could do it more effectively.

Seeing something different as  you write can get your mind off the present, and put you back into write mode.

5. Watch a movie

What’s your favorite type of movie? Now is the time to sit down, watch one, and take your mind off writing.

As you watch the movie, you’ll find a number of interesting parts that will pique your interest. That’s more than enough to get you going.

6. Write for YOU

Writing for others can get you stuck in client mode. When you can’t get past the block, switch things up and start writing something that interests you. What better way to beat writer’s block and still get something accomplished.

These six tips on how to beat writer’s block are just a few that work well. Try a few and see how easily your writer’s block disappears.

As a writer, you’re consistently thinking about others and doing your job well – to get rid of writer’s block, the key is in thinking about you. Happy writing!

Allaire W is a freelance writer for WriterAccess, specializing in business, academic, legal, literary, entertainment, social media and niche marketing content.

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