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Allaire W has over twenty-five years experience in Communications, lending her expertise to almost every industry around the globe.

An intuitive and versatile writer, her background includes content strategy, editing, creative direction and creating clear and concise content for commercial entities and individual brands. She has worked as a Creative Director, Sr. Copywriter, Educator and Freelance Editor for a major publishing house.
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Allaire's expertise spans a variety of industries that include business, academic, legal, literary, entertainment, social media and niche marketing content.

She has written content on almost every subject you can imagine and relies on her ability to assess an idea and create strong content that works.

Allaire loves editorial work and and serves as a consultant for small and mid-sized businesses in the areas of content management and brand building, as well as offering content strategy, creative direction and copywriting to large commercial entities.


Allaire is an avid reader and writer with a passion for the written word. She teaches writing and brand building to small and mid-sized businesses, as well as hosting writing workshops to high school and college students.

An avid reader, you can always find her immersed in a book or working on her next novel.


Florida International University

Allaire received her Master's degree in Global Strategic Communications with a minor in Hospitality Management.

Florida International University

Allaire received her masters degree in Global Strategic Communications from Florida International University where she also completed her undergraduate degree in Integrated Communications. She pursued a minor concentration in Hospitality where she learned all facets of the Hospitality industry.

Miami Dade College

Allaire completed her degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. She has gone on to use her skills with Fortune 500 companies such as Ryder System and The Miami Herald, handling budgets upwards of over $6 million dollars. She has done forecasting, depreciation, written financial correspondence and manuals and has also done training within various organizations. She has also operated as an accounting consultant for non-profit organizations.


2,443 Projects Completed

Allaire has worked on many projects within the PR and Marketing industry for private and corporate clients. Her content includes campaigns, marketing materials, press releases, white papers, articles, blogs, event management pieces, web content and video scripts.

Home Living

2,252 Projects Completed

Allaire has written content in the Home Living category for over 20 years. She has contributed to national magazines, been a featured home living expert in a local newspaper, and written for websites, e-zines and other publications providing tips and advice on topics that capture the interest of readers.


2,205 Projects Completed

Allaire is a lifelong educator, lending her writing expertise to many publications, organizations, schools and institutions of higher learning through content that includes articles, blogs, web pages, marketing content, curriculum design and course descriptions.


1,745 Projects Completed

Allaire has worked as a paralegal for many years in the areas of family, personal injury, criminal, real estate and corporate law. She written web pages, newsletters, articles, briefs, blog entries and marketing materials with a clear, concise delivery.

Human Resources

1,509 Projects Completed

Allaire has in-depth expertise in this area as a consultant and content writer for a number of corporations, small businesses and non-profit entities. She has written articles, white papers, blogs, manuals, reports, proposals and marketing content.


1,503 Projects Completed

Allaire's experience with delivering content for the insurance industry spans many tiers. She has done articles, blogs, web pages and informational items for auto, renter's, home, business, professional liability, health, self-storage, life, property and more to ensure prospective and current clients are well-informed of their options.


1,454 Projects Completed

Allaire's business background stems from working in corporate America for a few Fortune 500 companies. She has used her knowledge and expertise to become a business owner and entrepreneur, lending her insight and assistance to many companies and publications on business related topics. Her written content includes white papers, grants, proposals, ebooks, articles, blogs, web pages and marketing pieces.

Real Estate

1,442 Projects Completed

Allaire has worked in the real estate industry for a number of years. She has produced content for a number of real estate publications and professionals in the form of blogs, articles, web pages, white papers, case studies and marketing collateral. Varied topics include property management, acquisitions, title matters, decoration tips, relocation and suggestions for both consumers and professionals.


1,337 Projects Completed

Allaire has done writing for medical institutions, practitioners and facilities on a variety of subjects and specialties. She has completed articles, blogs, case studies, marketing materials, white papers and course materials for institutions. She has extensive knowledge on EHRs, new technologies, coding adaptations, HIPAA laws and other privacy concerns.


1,257 Projects Completed

Allaire has worked in the Human Resources field for over 15 years. Her expertise and content has covered career advice for magazines, websites, corporations and non-profit organizations. She has facilitated many workshops on career goal development, quality-of-life objectives, and other career related topics.


1,223 Projects Completed

Allaire has written a variety of content on women's topics and issues ranging from wedding favors to relationship advice. Her expertise spans several industries, providing an unbiased point-of-view through articles, web pages and blogs for a number of clients and publications.


1,169 Projects Completed

Allaire has written for a number of financial websites and institutions. She has successfully written blogs, articles, white papers, manuals, reports, how-to publications and marketing materials in all areas of finance, including investment and retirement topics.


1,134 Projects Completed

Allaire currently writes content for magazines and private clients. Her pieces include blogs, articles, web pages, product recommendations, sales trend reports, manuals and marketing topics.


1,090 Projects Completed

Allaire started her business career working as an executive administrative assistant for a top executive in a Fortune 500 company. Through this experience, she was able to hone her writing skills, producing a variety of documents that include newsletters, brochures, letters of correspondence, event planning, annual reports, manuals, training and marketing materials.


1,058 Projects Completed

Allaire's expertise in the entertainment industry stems from her background in PR and marketing where she deals with high-profile artists and companies on a variety of subjects including but not limited to artist development, sponsorship procurement, camera coaching and fashion. She currently writes for a number of blogs and magazines on entertainment topics of interest throughout the industry.


1,000 Projects Completed

Allaire has written content for medical professionals and institutions in a number of areas. Her content pieces include articles, blogs, web pages, manuals, reports and postings for social media platforms.


1,000 Projects Completed

Allaire has written content for mobile industry clients that include web pages, white papers, articles, blogs, press releases and marketing materials. Her pieces include topics on mobile management, responsive sites, mobile privacy, mobile data breaches and technology recommendations.


857 Projects Completed

Allaire has written content in the tax industry for many years, successfully providing articles, blogs, social media postings, white papers, web pages and marketing materials for public and private clients.


848 Projects Completed

Allaire has done extensive work in the construction and A/E industry compiling articles, web pages, marketing content and proposals. Her expertise spans product descriptions, project management, consultations and in-depth, content-specific material to enhance visibility and brand image.


820 Projects Completed

Allaire has written numerous relationship centered articles for blogs and publications that range from niche blogs to general magazines. She has also been a speaker on relationship panels and lends her expertise on topics ranging from Keeping Your Love Life Intact, to How to Deal When the Love is Fading Away.


694 Projects Completed

Allaire has written content for the technology field in a wide range of areas which include web pages, in-depth articles, white papers, product descriptions, recommendations and marketing collateral.


614 Projects Completed

Allaire has successfully written content for articles, web pages, blogs, manuals, course materials and marketing tools within the beauty and skin care industry. Her detailed and informative writing style is friendly and engaging, giving readers and industry professionals tips and useful information to apply and use in their specialized areas.


528 Projects Completed

Allaire has done extensive coverage and content writing in the hospitality and food industry that spans working with restaurants for marketing materials, web pages, recipes, articles for magazines, food blogs and newspapers.


514 Projects Completed

Allaire has written varied content in the appliance industry which includes product descriptions, how-to articles and blogs, maintenance-centered guidance, marketing materials and social media campaigns.


513 Projects Completed

Allaire has worked with medical professionals, nurses and facilities in the Bio/Pharm industry creating engaging content on a variety of subjects. She has written web pages, articles, blogs, clinical trials, conferences, descriptive studies, white papers and policies.

Green Products

506 Projects Completed

Allaire has worked with a number of clients on green products and sustainable living projects to create content and marketing collateral that will enhance the brand image, create visibility and promote a green standard of living.


505 Projects Completed

Allaire has written many articles within the Agriculture industry, focusing on a variety of subjects which include equipment, processes, food and more. She has provided content for non-profit organizations and other entities in the field for white papers, marketing materials, articles and blogs.


128 Projects Completed

Allaire has written content for the banking industry for many years. As a former marketing consultant and writer for a major credit union, she has written newsletters, blogs, articles, technical documents and website content for a number of institutions and finance-related firms.


114 Projects Completed

Allaire has worked as an editor for numerous publications as a staff member and a freelance contractor. She has helped major publishing houses, numerous authors and corporations understand the nuances of the publishing industry. Her expertise in this area includes marketing and self-publishing.


114 Projects Completed

Allaire is a former educator and has written numerous articles and blogs on kids and family life dealing with topics ranging from sibling rivalry, bullying and going to college. Her expertise also stems from successfully raising three children who have contributed to her in-depth knowledge in this subject area. She is a recurring contributor on blogs and other children-centered publications and lends her hand to a number of publications and organizations geared toward the development of young people.


104 Projects Completed

Allaire has worked with interior designers and experts in the A/E and construction industry to develop proposals for projects, write content for blogs, web pages, articles, newsletters and marketing materials.

Blog Post

3,919 Projects Completed

Allaire has done numerous blog posts for a wide range of industries which include real estate, legal, finance, fashion, construction and others. She has written for small, medium and large business entities on a variety of topics and is versatile in her style and voice, which is tailored to client needs.

Web Page

2,025 Projects Completed

Allaire has done web pages for a diverse set of clientele ranging from the A/E industry to non-profit organizations. Her content contains SEO rich keywords and is tailored to fit each category in a unique and engaging way.


1,788 Projects Completed

Allaire has written for numerous publications for over 20 years. Her writing has been featured in national magazines, on websites and as a ghostwriter. She has written for many industries which include fashion, relationships, parenting, education and more.

Press Release

1,257 Projects Completed

Allaire has done press releases for diverse clientele. She has worked in the PR, Advertising and Marketing industry for over 15 years working with entertainers, authors, non-profit and major corporations, legal firms, real estate agencies and educational facilities.


1,211 Projects Completed

Allaire has worked with many publishing companies as an editor, proofreader and book reviewer. She has been a ghostwriter for many years and is also a published author. She frequently writes content for book jackets, inserts, marketing materials and engaging storylines.


1,007 Projects Completed

Allaire has extensive experience in drafting and writing proposals. She has worked as a Marketing coordinator for a major A/E firm, as well as serving as a grant writer for a major college. She has done work with non-profits and other corporate entities in drafting and putting together proposals, responding to RFPs and RFQs. The content ranges from Firm Profiles, Executive Summaries, the body of the proposal, picture placement and presentation.

White Paper

744 Projects Completed

Allaire has done a variety of whitepapers for large corporations, non-profits, private firms and industry professionals that range from backgrounders, numbered lists and problem solving documents.

Twitter Post

512 Projects Completed

Allaire has done Twitter postings for industry professionals that range from announcements to conversation starters. She has worked with entertainers, marketing companies and corporations to convey meaning, direction and enhance their brand.

Facebook Post

191 Projects Completed

Allaire has been in charge of providing daily Facebook postings for a variety of clientele that included religious organizations, non-profits and high-profile corporations.


113 Projects Completed

Allaire has done many projects of this type across industries such as education, public relations, entertainment, food, fashion and more.

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