A WriterAccess Writer on the Importance of Writing

I think most people are in agreement that it would be nice to live forever.

However, since this is impossible, why can’t your memory live forever?  While writing to make a name for yourself might not be the most altruistic of incentives, it is natural to want to do so.  Writing preserves your legacy; it is written proof that you once existed.

In the present, writing also gives you the ability to increase your influence in your community.  Whether you use writing as a creative outlet or write professionally on a daily basis, your words have the potential to make an impact.  You can write to establish an audience for a business you aspire to launch or to spread a message that you are passionate about.

Therefore, write!  Write as if your very soul was in danger, in a bargain with the devil sharpening a weapon to finish you!

Strike the page with the enthusiasm of someone whose future is uncertain.  Strike as if every blow will be your very last.  Make each word a unique creation.

Write like this, and you will not have to worry for your name.  Your efforts will draw attention to you like the moth to the flame, and they shall burn, screaming your name in ecstasy.

About the author

Julie R has written numerous press releases, advertisements, brochures, feature articles, textbook chapters, journal articles, website copy, blogs, and museum exhibit copy. With extensive experience in argumentation, research, and organizational leadership, she brings a critical perspective to all projects. 


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