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Woot! 12 Droolworthy Words for the Illiterati

Keep your web content as fresh as a daisy by giving your customers verbiage that sparkles. Visionary web content writers know they must nurture their craft by ordering the most up-to-date issue of the style guide and by studying grammar rules on the reg. But did you ever stop to think about those lollipops that can make or break a blog post or web article? Words are a writer’s bread and butter. Stay fresh by incorporating the following new words, as determined by the Oxford Dictionary, in your content writing regimen.

1. Infomania (n): Sitting at my computer, typing Function + F5 obsessively to check for new assignments as they are snatched up like candy at a parade, I feed into the infomania that has become my life.

2. Illiterati (n): My sweet and well-intentioned grandmother, who is a forerunner of the illiterati, thought that the Internet involved getting inside a giant net, similar to pantyhose, as part of some new newfangled form of sporting entertainment that made people look and feel like fish in an ocean.

3. Muggle (n): Jennifer had no idea what writing web content meant when she submitted her bid for the blog writing job; what a muggle.

4. Frankenfood (n): I spent six months eating nothing but frankenfood: golden rice, grapples, and plum pox-resistant plums.

5. Noob (n): Steve became so flustered that he broke out into hives after he spent four hours on the phone trying to teach his mother, a noob, how to use her computer so she could read his award-winning web content.

6. Chillax (v): Take a moment and chillax. It’s just one writing job, for crying out loud.

7. Grrrl (n): On the writing forums, Anne was noted as a grrrl who was not to be messed with, unless you wanted to deal with the unyielding wrath of this web content writer.

8. Screenager (n): Jackson started writing on the web when he was only 14. As a screenager, he managed to pull in a grand a month while still taking English composition and physical education with his high school buddies.

9. Textspeak (n): Moses wrote his mom a note saying, “303 ::poof:: *$ AIMB. B4N, 831” and she knew he was at Starbucks and that he loved her.

10. Woot (ex): “Woot! The Crimson Tide rolled over the SEC!” Matt texted his buddies at the end of the football game between Notre Dame and the University of Alabama last week.

11. Truthiness (n): Amanda requested that her article should include truthiness, even if the writer was not able to find appropriate sources to back up the claims.

12. Twitterati (n): Among the freelance writers focused on web content, a solid group of Twitterati keep up with the latest job opportunities and writing gigs.

Do you currently use these words while writing content? Or do you have a sweet sentence that you want to contribute that features a word from this list? If so, leave a comment below as a way to practice your vocab as a web content writer.

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