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Winning Over a Crowded Room: The Art of Twitter Marketing

Standing Out in a CrowdDrawing attention at a party is not an easy thing to do. Loud music, good food and fun activities all serve as obstacles to your goal of getting noticed. The only way to stand out from the crowd is to do something out of the ordinary.

Twitter can feel like a crowded room at a party when it comes to marketing your content. There are countless conversations going on at the same time. Unless you have something beyond ordinary to share, no one is going to pay attention. You need to get creative in content marketing to connect with your target audience and connect with clients who are looking to hire article writers.

So what can you do win over the proverbial crowded room on Twitter?

Avoid Twitter Autopilot

Put some actual thoughts into your tweets. It isn’t simply enough to post a link and call it good. You need to find ways to engage your target audience. Show them that you’re a real person. Comment on trending topics. Lace humor in your tweets. Writers who just go through the motions are unlikely to gain followers or get people to click on their links. Attack tweeting with the same passion as writing.

Embrace Hashtags

Hashtags are designed to move the conversation. Using hashtags can help people notice your tweets and click on your links faster. Create hashtags that target trending keywords relevant to your content. If a twitter discussion is centering around the hashtag ghosts, for example, that would be ideal to pair with a link to an article you have written on 10 notable haunted places found in your local city. Be careful to avoid hashtag overload. Using multiple hashtags might seem like a clever idea, but it could turn off the people you want to reach.

Choose Smart Keywords

It can feel tempting to try to set conversational trends with unique hashtags or obscure keywords. Unless you have a Twitter follower base numbering in the tens of thousands or higher, that strategy won’t work. A better option is to use search features to find popular keywords that relate to the content you want to promote. Twitter offers a real-time list of keywords trending locally and nationally. You can do searches on these keywords to see what people are saying and what they are searching for. It can help you create a strategy to steer them toward your content.

Be Authentic

Your personality should shine through each tweet you send out. Effective marketing requires a consistent voice. Share relevant links and information in your own voice. Embrace the style you use in your writing content instead of mimicking other tweeters around you. How you communicate on Twitter is essentially a snapshot of how you communicate in longer content like blog posts and articles. Your audience will embrace information shared in your own voice, but they could tune you out if you try to be something that isn’t really you.

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