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John is a professional writer with more than a decade of experience in electronic and print media. He worked as a sports reporter and editor at two major daily newspapers in Utah. He also wrote for a national soccer website for two years and is currently a freelance sports reporter with a major national wire service and a sports reporter with a national website. John also writes business and feature articles for multiple magazines. He possesses a creative mind and an understanding of how to communicate with diverse audiences. Under strict deadlines, John produces engaging and informative content. He possesses strong research skills and has a proven track record for generating original story ideas and quality content.


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Industry Projects

  • Sports1,000+
  • Entertainment100+
  • Business100+
  • Pets50+
  • Finance50+
  • Outdoor/Recreation50+
  • Staffing50+
  • Politics20+

Summary of Industry Experience


John has worked as a sports reporter since 2004. He wrote for two major daily newspapers in Utah, the Salt Lake Tribune and the Deseret News, over a seven year period. He also spent two years as a beat writer for MLSSoccer.com, a national soccer website. He is currently a freelance reporter for the Associated Press and Max Preps. John has contributed sports articles to multiple websites and publications nationwide. He has covered all major sports including the NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, MLS, NCAA football and NCAA basketball.


John contributes feature articles on movies, TV shows and celebrities each month to Screen Junkies, a notable pop culture website.


John has written feature articles and profiles for Utah Business Magazine since 2011. John is a regular contributing writer to the magazine and his articles cover a wide range of business topics affecting business community in Utah. He has written about everything from succession planning to employment trends for law school graduates.


John has written articles on pets for multiple websites, including Yahoo, eHow and Paw Nation. His pet articles have focused on cats, dogs and exotic pets. John has covered a whole range of issues related to pet ownership and pet care. These topics include pet health, grooming and dietary habits. His family owned cats, dogs and rabbits in his childhood, so John also has real life experience as a pet owner.


John wrote weekly blog posts for finance companies for a years. His blog posts covered topics ranging from factoring to what to look for in a non-profit accountant. He has previously worked at a credit union and in the major gifts division of a university fundraising department.


John wrote articles for an outdoor recreation guide published by Salt Lake City Weekly over a two year period. He also wrote several outdoors articles for the Deseret News while working as a reporter at that newspaper over a 3 ½ year period. His articles featured a multitude of outdoor activities including: rock climbing, yachting, running, cycling and triathlons. He has covered the Tour of Utah cycling race for the Associated Press since 2011. John's articles received widespread recognition and distribution online and in print.


John spent a year writing blog posts for several staffing companies on the east coast. His blog posts covered topics ranging from new employee training tips to reasons for considering overqualified candidates for open job positions.


John wrote political commentaries on current news for Yahoo! News over a two year period. His commentaries touched on the 2012 Presidential election and world political matters in nations like Mexico, Russia, Mali, Syria and Egypt.

Product Projects

  • Article1,000+
  • Blog Post500+
  • Press Release100+
  • Twitter Post100+
  • Web Page50+
  • Facebook Post50+

Summary of Product Experience


John has written thousands of articles for countless newspapers and websites. His articles have covered topics ranging from business to sports. He has written for the Associated Press, ESPN.com, Yahoo! Sports, Yahoo! News, Utah Business Magazine, Max Preps, Community Magazine, The Salt Lake Tribune, Salt Lake City Weekly and the Deseret News.

Blog Post

John contributes paid blog entries through SEO sites and for private clients. Blog topics he has covered include writing, autos, outdoors, dating, education, entertainment, finance, business, staffing, history, religion, politics, pets and sports.

Press Release

John has written press releases for a multitude of private clients since 2010. The press releases he has written have covered a wide range of storylines. He has written press releases on small businesses, real estate, sports, outdoors, entertainment, finance, travel and many other items.

Twitter Post

John creates daily and weekly social media posts for clients as a writer for Social 5, a marketing firm. His posts include tweets sports and fitness related topics.

Web Page

John has created web page content for multiple private clients. Past paid projects have included creating web page content for a job site, a dental practice and an e-commerce site.

Facebook Post

John creates daily and weekly social media posts for multiple private clients while working as a writer with Social 5, a marketing firm. His Facebook posts touch on a number of topics related to sports and fitness.

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