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Why Writing High-Quality Facebook Posts is More Important Than Ever Before

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If you are taking advantage of social media, either yourself or with the assistance of one of the content marketing services out there, you likely already put some thought into the posts you make on Facebook. However, now it is more important than ever before to think about every word you use in your posts. Why? The Facebook “improved search” has rolled out and it is truly a game changer for Facebook marketing.

What is This Improved Search?

Put simply, it allows Facebook users to search the content of old posts based on keywords. An example: Imagine that you remember that a few months ago a friend posted something about an adorable “green-toed sloth” taking up residence in his or her yard. You can’t remember which friend posted this. In the past, you would have to ask around to find who posted. Now, you can simply search “green-toed sloth” and you will find every post that has been shared with you using this particular keyword.

What This Means for Marketing

If you are using Facebook for marketing, you probably have gears turning already. It’s obvious that you need to utilize keywords in your Facebook posts so that your customers, fans or followers can find them later. So, when you are posting about your big giveaway contest, make sure you optimize that post so it is easier to find! There are certainly other benefits too—a good social media marketing consultant can certainly help steer you in the right direction. Like any other tool (such as hashtags), you do not want to overdo it.

How to Get Started

The best thing about this search and marketing feature is it is not something you have to turn on or activate. You are already using it. When you post your next status update, make sure you take advantage of the words you use and utilize phrases your fans are likely to remember and search for in the future. This keeps you in the spotlight and can boost your visibility today and tomorrow.

Like any new feature on Facebook, there are fans and there are detractors. For a business user, this seems as though it can be nothing but good. Spend some time exploring as a searcher and see which of your old posts are appearing. This can help you make decisions about your future posts and improve your visibility on this ever-important social media platform.

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