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Why Hiring a Blog Writing Service Makes Sense

Why would a company hire a blog writing service to keep their website blogs and social media updates and posts populated with informative, witty posts?  Why would a company hire a writer to make a Facebook or Twitter entry for the company instead of finding an employee to write these posts?  There are a couple of reasons to hire someone else including professionalism and clarity.

If a company isn’t using social media, then a great opportunity is being missed.  According to Forbes magazine, companies that take advantage of the platforms of social media like Facebook or Twitter, or an on-website blog connect with existing customers better.  A better connection to customers means brand loyalty will increase and business will increase.  Social media can also attract current customers and others to a company website where the blog is located, and the more people read a blog, more loyal they become.  If a plumbing company has a blog that informs people how to unstop a sink, then those people view that plumbing company more positively for providing them with something of  value and with substance.  The next time that customer has to hire a plumber, they’re more likely to go to the company they trust.

But why wouldn’t a plumber be able to write a social media update or a blog post?  There are actually two good reasons.  One, the plumber has been trained to be a plumber, not a writer.  A person can be trained to be more than one thing, and if that plumber has been trained to be a writer and a plumber, then great, but if not, there may be errors in writing that won’t reflect well on the company.  Of course those errors wouldn’t be on purpose, but Joe down the street might read a poorly written blog post and question just how professional those plumbers are.  What does being able to write have to do with being a competent plumber?  Probably nothing, but that is not the logic a business should count on when trying to gain and retain its customer base.

The second mistake is an error of “I know too much” and forgot that not everyone has the same knowledge base that they do.  This can make what they write in a blog nonsensical to the average person, or even dangerous.  To a plumber, shutting off the water before removing a valve might be as common sense as breathing.  You don’t need to tell people to breathe and you wouldn’t need to tell a plumber to shut off the water.  However, Joe the teacher who is reading the blog might assume that if shutting water off was important, then the blogging plumber would have told him to do so.  Messes can be more, or worse, people can be hurt.

For the sake of clarity, as well as professionalism, it is usually wise to hiring a writing to write social media posts and to write blogs.  Customers will appreciate the information received in the blog, and they will likely also appreciate how well written they are.

Robert S

Guest Author

By WriterAccess

Freelancer Robert S

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