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Robert has written newspaper article twice a week for the last five years. He has a comprehensive degree in English/Journalism and has three graduate degrees. Robert has written many articles which emphasize keyword placement. Robert has also written extensively doing rewrites to help clarify other content. Robert's main expertise is education, however, he has several hobbies, including woodworking, sports, and reading. Additionally, he is married with three children under 11 years in age.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Robert has written about how changes in school laws and policies affect his school district. Also, at times he writes about reflections on things that happen at school. Robert has also written about bullying and the responsibility of not only the school, but the entire community to work together to end bullying and harassment in schools.


As a superintendent of schools, Robert is the chief financial officer for his school district which means he has to know how to fund projects, get health insurance for the staff and other things people don't always associate with education. He has been able to write about various kinds of insurance, the banking industry, including green banks. He has also written about different kinds of loans and credit scores.

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Robert has written many articles for his organization. Many are informative for the public, explaining work they have accomplished, but some are intended to be more reflective and subjective. Generally, he has experience in secondary educaiton, college education, and in the central office. These varried experiences make him a natural to write about a education.

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