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Whitepaper Is the Right Paper: How to Use Whitepapers in Your Marketing Plan

White Paper Is the Right PaperEveryone knows that content is king, but some content is simply more regal than others. While blogs are amazing at attracting traffic, whitepapers written by professional writers are unparalleled in conveying expertise and exhibiting superior ability within a specific industry. Whitepapers are authoritative and informative long-form documents designed to address a specific problem.

Whitepaper Is the Right Paper for…

Unlike other documents, whitepapers use statistical and factual information to elevate the credibility of your brand to incomparable levels. Simply put, whitepaper is the right paper for a number of purposes. If you’re not using whitepaper, you’re missing several of the following opportunities.

  • Website Content
    • Transform your website into a resource library and trusted source for industry information by including whitepapers of case studies and valuable product information.
  • Lead Generation
    • Placing your whitepaper behind a call-to-action on one of your landing pages will reinforce all marketing efforts. By offering a valuable whitepaper, you will enhance the rate of conversion.
  • Presentation Material or Handouts
    • Whitepaper serves as excellent supplemental literature to hand out at a presentation. Best of all, whitepapers are shared at an enormous rate.
  • Follow-up Material
    • After meeting with a prospective client, you can simply attach a whitepaper to a follow-up email to effectively answer questions, bolster your brand’s image, present problem-solving scenarios, and overcome objections.
  • Investor Pitches
    • Whitepapers written by professional writers are amazing at disseminating technical or complex information in layman terms.
  • Tech Briefs
    • Publish whitepapers about your company’s new ground-breaking technology that is touted to change the future.
  • Media Resource
    • Attract journalist and reporters with highly credible whitepapers through their research.
  • Case Studies
    • Use whitepapers to highlight case studies that exhibit your ability to bolster efficiency, reduce costs, and solve a myriad of additional problems.

The Numbers Don’t Lie! Stunning Whitepaper Statistics

  • According to TechTarget, almost 1/3 (31%) of people who read whitepapers consider the document to be invaluable in the decision making process.
  • Based on emedia, a staggering 93% of whitepaper readers pass up to 50% of the papers they receive to others
  • TechTarget reports that 73.8% implement whitepapers to discover potential technological business solutions
  • Based on MarketingSherpa Special Report: 69% of potential customers who have downloaded your whitepaper will pass it to colleagues, and 36% of the downloaded whitepapers will go to their supervisors.
  • According to emedia, 82% of influencers and 85% of B2B decision makers name whitepapers as moderately-to-extremely vital in their purchasing decision.

One Whitepaper Many Uses

A set of whitepapers produced by professional writers can give your website or brand the competitive advantage you’ve been missing. While everyone publishes blogs, you can separate your business from the rest of the pack by asserting your industry expertise in a set of whitepapers. Once you have produced the document, you can easily use it to bolster your inbound marketing campaign and increase the number of conversions. As a supplemental sales tool, whitepaper will establish trust with your customers and position your brand as the industry expert.

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