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Elliott's passion and skill in written and oral communication is the direct result of his college education, extracurricular activities, and professional experiences. Each facet of his life has added valuable dimensions to his writing and speaking ability. While Elliott was in high school, his natural ability to write compelling content and deliver award-winning speeches was recognized. He successfully composed and orated, "The Illusive Dream" in the 4-H Tropicana Public Speech Contest, which resulted in Elliott being the statewide runner-up for Florida. After high school, he enrolled in the College of Business at Florida State University. However, his innate interest in communications guided him to the newly formed FSU Public Speech and Debate Team. As an inaugural member of the team, Elliott all but dominated during the regular season. He meticulously edited and manipulated his speeches with an unparalleled efficacy, which was noticed by the coaching staff. At the summit of the year, Elliott and the FSU Forensics Team was invited to participate in the Novice National Championships. Elliott had a stellar showing at the national tournament and earned: 3rd Place in Informative Speaking; 6th place in Persuasive Speaking; and a Honorable Mention in Impromptu Speaking and Impromptu Sales. Elliott's individual accomplishments at Novice Nationals were dwarfed by the history the team made. He was one of the founding members of the first Forensic's National Championship team in the long illustrious history of Florida State University. Even though Elliott graduated the following year with his B.S. in Finance, he continually provided coaching, mentoring, and writing services for the FSU Debate Team. Professionally, Elliott carved a niche through his banking, automotive sales, and automotive finance management experience. Elliott has an in depth understanding of consumer lending, investments, risk analysis, automotive sales and financing, and many other areas of business and personal finance. More importantly, he fused his sales experience with his passion and skill for writing to customize sales communications. This rare synergy positioned Elliott as a premier sales writer and content creator. He created content for real estate and automotive websites; developed social media advertising campaigns; composed sales letters and emails; and wrote automotive product descriptions. He has composed hundreds of informative SEO articles and has extensive experience with HTML scripting. Elliott's driving force is his passion to grow and develop as a professional author.


Elliott specializes in automotive, technology, gaming, web design, sports, sales, financial, banking, and many other types of compositions. Elliott does have a special passion for public speaking and writing speeches. However, Elliott enjoys nothing more than learning about new subjects, which means he can practically write about anything, including white paper content. As a content developer, his sales experience has been instrumental in bolstering his entrepreneurial ventures.


Elliott has always been a technology and sports fanatic. On his free time, you can find him on a basketball court, tennis court, or football field. If he is not there, he will be at the nearest Hobby Lobby, checking out all of the newest remote control cars or airplanes. A simple computer aisle at Best Buy can consume Elliott's attention for hours. His love for technology is based on its residual return, which makes his life easier every day.


Florida State University

Choosing the more secure professional path, Elliott chose to major in Finance. His passion for public speaking and communications would be instrumental Elliott's careers in sales, banking, and management.


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Elliott has over four years in the automotive industry as a sales consultant and as a Finance Manager. He holds several "Salesman of the Month" awards and set the record for "5 Cars Sold in a Day" at his Toyota Dealership. Elliott prides himself on his intricate understanding of the consultative sales process and finance operations. He has also composed several automotive product descriptions, developed automotive website content, and implemented social media marketing.


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Elliott couples his professional banking experience and his stellar writing ability to create informative and interesting compositions. Considering he has a B.S. in Finance, he brings a wealth of industry knowledge and introspect to all finance and banking subject matter. Elliott has composed several investment, business banking, and mortgage articles.


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Elliott's educational background culminated in him receiving his B.S. in Finance from Florida State University. Afterwards, he immediately began working in the banking sector at Suntrust Bank. After he gained experience in consumer lending, personal investing, financial advisement, and mortgages; he chose to accept a wealth manager position at Wachovia Bank.
After the tumultuous economic crisis around 2007, Elliott wanted more of a sales-driven job. With clear intentions of being a finance manager at a dealership, Elliott began as a sales professional. Elliott became the resident product-knowledge guru, while he all but dominated sales achievements. His greatest accomplishment was breaking the dealership record by selling five vehicles in a day. Elliott's stellar salesmanship led management to begin orientating Elliott in the role of a Finance Manager. Elliott did eventually take a position as a Finance Manager, which gave Elliott experience in selling "paper" and in making the appropriate lending decision. IN addition, Elliott worked with his accounting department, sales managers, and the owner to propose annual projections, produce product forecasts, and ultimately set the dealership's sales goals.


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Nothing helps Elliott unwind more than putting his Turtle Beach headset on and engaging in a few rounds of COD 2, Madden, Street Fighter, or Forza Motorsport. Elliott's love for gaming is only eclipsed by his passion for writing about gaming. He has created several game reviews, console reviews, and game previews. No one can provide more intuitive insight and information on gaming better than a gamer


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Elliott's tenacity in the classroom was the result of his single mother's strong beliefs in the possibilities of an education . While his mother did attend college, she didn't graduate due to a pregnancy. As a result, Elliott adopted a no-nonsense type of approach toward everything to do with education. As he matured, he began to realize that an education offered much more than book-based knowledge. College students learn to cope with significant social pressures, continuously work under the pressure of deadlines, project management and leadership skills, and knowledge surrounding the best industry practices.
While all of these beneficial traits of an education are attractive, none of them compares to the value of confidence. Undoubtedly, a college education instills the individual with the ability to think outside of the box. In addition, college graduates have the confidence to tackle the really tough issues, which is highly desirable in the professional market. Simply put, Elliott believes the power of confidence can be equated to the difference between the impossible and an achievement.


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